Power cut - where were you when life ended?

Imagine for one moment, there is a power cut and that the electricity doesn’t come back on. Where would we be? Just imagine no TV and no Internet. Wha...
189280Mar 1714 hrs ago1 hrs ago

I wanna wake up next to you

What do you think is the best part of a loving relationship? Is it the sharing, the intimacy, the sex, the security it gives you, the feeling of being...
160140Mar 16Mar 176 hrs ago


It seems everyone is looking for that special one, that soul mate, that life partner but isn’t that one and only so hard to find? What each is looking...
165130Mar 15Mar 1610 hrs ago

Loneliness - looking in the wrong direction

Everyone is lonely when they don’t feel love but we cover our loneliness and lack of love by keeping busy, doing endless activities and also by resent...
228200Mar 6Mar 1612 hrs ago

Looking at faces – making choices

It’s weird isn’t it? Looking at all these faces and wondering which one’s you should contact and which ones you won’t. How is it, we can make such...
259300Mar 15Mar 1620 hrs ago

What is a friend?

We take for granted our need for friends but really what is a friend? Well, on one level a friend is the opposite of an enemy, so anyone on your side...
152100Mar 14Mar 149 hrs ago

"There's not enough love to go round"

Everyone in this world wants love but why is then "There's not enough love to go round"? 'Sympathy' Rare Bird. The way I see it is, what we do with t...
12940Mar 2Mar 1418 hrs ago

Flower power

I was walking along a street near my home and my gaze was drawn toward the bright yellow flowers planted in the troughs at the side of the road. As I...
8640Mar 11Mar 1214 mins ago

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