The bigger the lie! the more people believe, so true in this case, and I'm not a racist, truthseeker

Eyewitness" Yankel Wiernik claimed: 1200 people fit into a 7 X 7 m gas chamber, bodies of women were used for kindling, bodies burned on their own onc...
45303 hrs ago6 mins agojust now

So is it just me, or is Israel a law onto themselves?

They shoot protesters at will, men women children, and the rest of the world sit back and let them, why is that I wonder? why is it we tolerate that k...
498460Aug 10Aug 137 mins ago

Why have society turned a blind eye?

Or have you all given up? is this want I have to look forward too down the road? life begins at forty bullshit, you just give up on your dreams by the...
7120Aug 11Aug 119 mins ago

Truth!! does it even exist in our Governments?

So lets see a show of naive hands who believe in their so called governments, for the people, by the people right? Why are we so stupid? would we let...
358410Aug 7Aug 84 hrs ago

So how come its so easy to manipulate a civilized and humane society?

(We may be humane but our controllers aren't) I for one believe we as a people want to live in peace, but the governments, well their Masters of this...
273160Apr 20Apr 2236 mins ago

Does anyone on this planet be there trueselves all the time?

What I mean by that is when your alone, are you the same person you are when others are around? we all have secrets from our past or our present, and...
332180Apr 16Apr 2115 hrs ago

So who's worse, the MEDIA! or the GOVERNMENTS?

They both lie manipulate and cheat us on a daily basses. But who's so powerful to manipulate them. Think about it, if the media and our governments ar...
14760Apr 12Apr 131 hrs ago

Invisible Warfare! does it exist?

What is invisible warfare? does it exist in Ireland? lets see, all the shopping complex's and the shops are English, lets say 80% I know it's more, bu...
13740Apr 12Apr 13Aug 14

QUOTES AND QUESTIONS! Is there a such thing as an independent press?

"There is no such thing, at this date of the world's history, or in America, (new world they still called it) as an independent press. You know it a...
412180Apr 11Apr 1217 hrs ago

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