Treating your partner like their the last person on earth

Ladies and gentlemen how would or how do you treat and adore your better half...
334190May 15Jul 3013 hrs ago

Dealing with daily stress

How to cope with life pressures how to stay stress free...
18880Jun 13Jun 2812 hrs ago

What does love mean to you

Love what it means to you and why is it hard people to love you back...
13010May 18May 18Oct 17

Being a trucker

The sacrifices we make just to take care of our family...
13920May 18May 18Oct 14

Being used by others

Why do this occurs when your one of the nicest person on earth and do anything for anybody...
16940May 15May 1611 hrs ago

What is the most funniest thing u ever did or someone or witness

Most funniest moment ever you witness how hard it made u laugh how did it make your day go and who u tell...
10000May 15May 15Oct 8

Were are the down to earth fun honest loyal women at looks mean nothing its what's on the inside

Trying to find someone down to earth honest fun about no games its on the inside what counts...
19720May 14May 14Oct 14

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