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The grain kernels in the friction rice whitener

Friction is a process used to whiten brown rice. In the friction rice whitener the grain kernels are forced against each other and a metal screen by a...
465140Jun 2018Jun 30Jul 10

Wheat is milled in paddy separator

Conventionally, wheat is milled in paddy separator which simultaneously remove outer bran layers and germ from the wheat kernel or berry and reduce th...
26510Jun 2018Jun 2018Jul 6

Paddy husker is used to remove the chaff

Paddy husker is a machine that is used to automate the processing of removing the chaff (outer husks) of rice grains accurately and with minimal break...
23000Jun 2018Jun 201815 hrs ago

Paddy cleaner is used for removing foreign objects from grain

Paddy cleaner is used for removing various large, small and light foreign objects from grain. Uses a vibration motor as the vibration source and has s...
27910Jun 2018Jun 2018Jul 1

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