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Trump’s Orange Complexion

If you've ever wondered about Trump's complexion and why it looks orange and why he would want to look orange, here's some information on that. [co...
225110Jun 30Jul 114 hrs ago

Judge Nap on Seriousness of Cohen Case

If you're in the camp that the President isn't in any real legal jeopardy with the Cohen case then you may want to check out this video. For the mome...
545160Dec 2018Dec 2018Jul 12

Internet Trolls

Trolls on the Internet can be infuriating to other people reading or participating in a website but what can you do about it if anything? :confused...
486160Nov 2018Dec 2018Jul 12

Trump says Saudi Explanation "Credible"

Trump says the Saudi explanation of the death of Khashoggi is Credible. Makes sense to me. Anyone can die in a fist fight. It happens a...
1,6171030Oct 2018Dec 201814 hrs ago


Golden Globe Best Picture of the year nominee "Vice" is opening in theatres soon. I hope to see it. Christian Bale looks and sounds just like Di...
19161Dec 2018Dec 2018Jul 9

Trump Says He's Thankful for Himself at Thanksgiving

In case you missed it. Trump said some remarkable things at Thanksgiving time. I don't know what was more shocking, that he was thankful for himself...
381180Dec 2018Dec 2018Jul 12

Historical Rankings of Presidents

Oh my gosh I probably shouldn't post this. I thought it was interesting because Trump has enough time in office now to be considered in the rankings....
37790Sep 2018Dec 2018Jul 12

Third Grade Humor

The President delights in name calling, third grade humor at best. This time misspelling Adam Schiff's name (Schitt) in a tweet to amuse himself and...
21530Nov 2018Nov 2018Jul 12

Rake America Great Again

Trump suggested a solution to the forest fire problem in the west yesterday. “You gotta take care of the floors. You know the floors o...
742321Nov 2018Nov 2018Jul 12

International Talk like a Pirate Day

Arrrrgggghhhhh. Ahoy Matey! Avast ye(pay attention.) Get off the poop deck and show me ya know how to talk like a pirate.
496170Sep 2018Sep 2018Jul 12

Your Will

Do you have your will ready? No? Why not? I don't either. I was reading about the funeral for Aretha Franklin this morning. I was always an adm...
493261Aug 2018Aug 2018Jul 9

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