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big train

237241May 918 hrs ago4 hrs ago

so far

so far, no Chinese debris. looks good so far Chinese checkers? really dumbasses making dumps and busting humps i'm lighting one its your fault...
180130May 819 hrs ago4 hrs ago

i talked about honey on pancakes

cuz that's what you do my pleasure to meet you with my James Bond aka James West a real hero naw this hero ain't here he's busy contending with b...
218130May 519 hrs ago4 hrs ago

i'm thinking about ordering a pizza

that's the news of the day. how do i feel? ok what's on my mind? pizza i dedicate this to Agent...
275350May 6May 77 hrs ago

wanna watch a movie with me?

if the above doesn't work...
285490May 7May 78 hrs ago

the new menace

dogcoons. both dangerous and friendly keep your can closed and open your mind...
180210May 6May 614 hrs ago

for Mel. another blog

the family thing brings back lots of memories. like, riding in a Buick not today's SUV but it was comfortable big trunk for lots of stuff going to...
198370May 5May 68 hrs ago

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