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i didn't feel like a Palm anymore

life is change. it seems like having the ability to control, yet going out of control and the new lack of control has made me feel more control? i d...
511240May 22Jun 337 mins ago

i love a good cigarette

come join me by the by. feel the sun on your face as you watch the clouds pass faster than life. light my stick and tell me a story about how it was....
344380May 27May 2910 hrs ago

testing testing

149130May 27May 2712 hrs ago


as i mentioned earlier, i got a job at a cigar distribution center. let me tell you, cigars are like cars. you got the economy cigars and you got th...
272161May 24May 2615 hrs ago

conspirasy theory? or just me

i would like to address the hoops we must jump through during this Chinese virus. the lockdown thing is a no brainer. the evil ones want us to cook...
604490May 22May 2421 mins ago

life on the outside

i got this job a month ago. it is considered "essential" because they are an internet store. i had to make a choice, mingle with people or stay unde...
11541May 23May 23Jun 2

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