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My NICE blog

how nice it is to have your family visit and stay a few days Yet for some strange reason when they leave ..... seeing the back of th...
280320Aug 87 hrs ago2 hrs ago

Missing blog

Where did the depressing blog go? I was hoping to give Russell another listen to this morning...
20250Aug 7Aug 89 hrs ago

If life were a movie

which would be yours? Given I'm thinking of hiring a wedding date there can only be one movie for me ...
333420Aug 3Aug 4Aug 8

A time for shutting it up

Being born to catholic parents I was baptised a sweet child of God Many thoughts of being a catholic have long since gone out the window....
227-0Aug 1Aug 26 hrs ago


After 34yrs of motherhood the last of my four has flown the nest Now what do I do
252190Jul 17Jul 22Aug 8

My fears for the future

To think I'm here since my early, mid forties, and now I'm in my mid fifties ... Heck where do the years go now having said that i'm no...
782540Jul 3Jul 178 hrs ago

Truth behind reason?

As in why the Queens birthday was not celebrated yesterday in the traditional way? I know April 21st is her date of birth however its the 2nd Satu...
479410Jun 14Jul 1513 hrs ago

Because my heads not in the clouds ... lol

As in not being into astronomy what would be the correct term for my image below? and the explanation for the rainbow ring circled roun...
323170Jul 6Jul 1514 hrs ago

Instrumental music ....

I know I've asked this question before, but unfortunately never got a reply..... probably because no-one knew, but given there has been a few new fac...
453-1Jun 23Jul 513 hrs ago

All burnt out

Once upon a time A wise old friend of mine gifted me a box of four candles, each candle when lit, burns its own flame of reason. " if...
437-0Jun 21Jul 513 hrs ago

All lives matter

Yet again I am ashamed of my country once more .... My people think not I am disgusted the black protests and rallies are still...
1,423-1Jun 6Jul 58 hrs ago

Absolutely nothing but common sense

You go Bro :thumb...
687-1Jun 12Jun 121 hrs ago

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