Who is Here From Matchdoctor?

I thought it was pretty sneaky of them to pretend they were wanting to improve the site, then suddenly disappear....
1,084471Jul 109 mins agojust now

jarred1, unfortunately

Was taught about Christianity by someone who completely misunderstood it, if he thinks it's "terrorism". Discuss....
429240Jul 13Jul 1411 mins ago

No win situation. Guys?????

A guy wants a woman to sleep with him, then when she does, he loses respect for her. What's up with that, guys???? What's a girl to do?????...
582130Jan 2010Aug 2012Jul 15

So We Cause Global Warming, Huh?

Ok, I didn't want this posted in just the Texas forums....
30740Dec 2009Jan 2010Jul 14

10 Most Wanted Corrupt Pooiticians for 2009

31710Dec 2009Dec 2009Jul 14

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