Ladies, if you want men to look at your face and not your chest..... eat a banana..

Ok.... Is this saying right or wrong?...
237121Mar 42 hrs ago2 mins ago

Share the Music

Wait.... Maroon 5. Go Ahead...
645661Mar 124 hrs ago44 mins ago

A message from women everywhere.... (warning: adult language.)

I think this is funny. Hope you do too. Comment if you wish....
17470Mar 8Mar 93 hrs ago


What is a Goober? Somehow my last few girlfriends gave me the same nickname - Goober. Hey goober, what’re you up to goobs, you goober, dinner goober...
155110Mar 8Mar 85 hrs ago

Banks and Dual Citizenships

Recently a U.S. bank which holds one of my plastic credit cards asked me if I had dual citizenship in a foreign country when I tried to go online and...
10320Mar 3Mar 4Mar 17

Is the Devil a Son of God?

I read that Satan is one of God’s Sons on a religion’s web site that shall remain anonymous. Any opinions or biblical references on this? :ch...
386210Nov 17Nov 305 hrs ago

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