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the only book i'll ever need
The book that set me free and saved my life.
Best book ever written
Ok you make a statement about best book every written. What about Dante @The divine comedy. Dickens, chaucher. I was a catholic until a so called priest couldn't answer my question WHO Created god and who was the man behind the manetc etc" This is good for fiction. bit of a laugh. By the way the so called hypocritical vATICAN THAT HAS MORE MONEY IN IT'S VAULTS THEN SWITZERLAND WHICH COULD SAVE LIVES IN AFRICA AND IS ANTI-HOMOSEXUAL WHEN THERE IS A BLIND EYE BE TUREND TO THE GAY SEX RING IN THE SO CALLED VATICAN. i AM iRISH AND AM PRO-CHOICE AND CONDOMS WERE NOT FREELY AVAILABLE IN iRELAND UNTIL rICHARD branson sold mates. The so called church said it was a sin. Wrong it prevents unwanted pregenancy and std such as aids. Benjamin Disraeli (pm of UK c 1900) said 'home rule is rome rule' 60% of iris people born in the 70's don't believe because of the bullshit purported written by jesus. Jesus said love your fellow man, The f*ck vatican helped the SS and Gestapo escape after Germany capitualited. Oh yeah, how can so many ethentic people be created from Adam and Eve.

Read dawkings 'The god delusion'
Read Sheldrake "The Science Delusion"
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