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I am always reading this book!
God has always something new to teach me when I pick it up. My favourite books would have to be the Gospels, Acts is exciting, I also enjoy the Psalms, The book Of Job, and the book Of Jonah.

Christians were always talking about the Bible (and so were atheists) so I thought I would read it for myself. At first I was skeptical and thought the atheists might have a point there it was so unbelievable but then I thought how could anyone possibly make this story up? Who could possibly make up someone like Jesus? lol. He is so real to me and of course after prayer the Holy Spirit did open my eyes and I'm thankful to read with understanding now. Now I live my life by His Word because it is the truth and that was something I had not found in any other book.

I also enjoy reading out loud with others. At the moment we are reading the Gospel according to Luke. I think anyone hungry to know God needs this Book!
They tried to kill off this book with the new edition,,but there is something magical about the words in the "King James version",, to people like me who where force fed this at sunday school, you never forget the words..thanks for posting
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