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Genghis Khan: John Man
Cor!!! Mr G Khan was a murderous about holding a grudge,he murdered a city full of a 100,000 people,yes everybody in the place,(it worked out at 1000 murdered for each of his own troops,(before dinner))This book actually was not that interesting ,it could have been done alot better,,the author seem to treat it like abit of a travel log and abit history novel !!

ISBN: 0553814982

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  • lipsee
    lipseeOP Dec 2011 London, Inner London, England UK
    1000 to 1,,,,I think that sounds wrong,,,that would mean he only had 100 troops...sorry about that folks I made a total cockup...back to the book!!!
  • aquarian1Hidden Profile
    aquarian1Hidden Profile Mar 2012 Delhi, India
    Ok...its not entirely accurate to go with the western version of this individual.

    Its the oldest fallacy to 'demonize' an individual, because its convenient or worse politically correct and trendy to do so.
    People forget ....those were different times, a different age !

    How easy it is for the west to 'idolise' even 'iconize' or applaud good over evil, gunfighter , wild west stories....and demonize wars/conflicts fought for survival and security.

    Obviously the vanquished will limit their saga to the atrocities suffered...will they ever sincerely detail...why they were attacked..ever?

    Does not the world have innumerable accounts of countries from the west employing the excuse of 'discovery' , 'god's will' to loot and pillage, occupy and rule peaceful nations?

    Think about both sides before you post a response. Do not be surprised at all if you find the trigger for human behaviour buried at a depth not always foraged !

    For many know that:
    1. System of currency denominations was introduced by Genghis Khan.
    2. Political & administrative hierarchy most countries employ as a rule today was invented by Genghis Khan. This was necessary to bring together warring tribes to create and unite them.

    And ... i know this from the History Channel & BBC !!! the popular saying goes....It aint all what you see thats really true...
    Need we refer to Bush and WMD's to highlight how wrong a country can get it !!!
  • lipsee
    lipseeOP Mar 2012 London, Inner London, England UK
    """"Ok...its not entirely accurate to go with the western version of this individual. """"" okok this book may not be ENTIRELY accurate,but say if he killed 20million,which is a conservative estimate,,then a couple of million either way still makes him a murdering sod....Much in the same vain as Stalin,Hitler,Mao and the rest..
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