The Harry Potter Series: J.K Rowling

The Harry Potter Series J.K Rowling Book
by J.K Rowling

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Well i think at theis point everyone knows anout the boy who lived a.k.a the chosen one and his adventures in and out of hogwarts, i am a huge fan of the series, and love the world they take youinto
I prefer Tolkein or Robert E Howards Conan stories or Fritz Leibers Gray Mouser books.
Great entertainment. A must read, and must see (the movies). Will be on the top of the classics list in years to come.
Although these books are about children, these are, by no means, children books...But there is something appealling for everyone, child or adult alike. I wouldn't be lying if I said these are my favorite books in this genre. I haveorite in other genres...
Great series! Read all of them but enjoyed the first book the most.
Great series! Read all of them but enjoyed the first book the most.
Read all of them a couple of times and love the last one them most it has me at the edge of my set from start to finish. Cant wait for release of movie for year 6 hope they make one for year 7
fo the 7th book they are making it into 2 films which i think is a bit crap but they are supposed to be making it oractically word for word but i guess we will just have to wait and see when it comes outyay
I acctually just started reading this series and I'm in the middle of the second book, but my impression so far is good!
Much, much better than I expected. Not everything is black and white or good and evil. Have become a real fan. Just finished reading the last one and I really miss them. Ho hum
I finished them a few months ago and I have to update my comment because I freakin' love these books!
I am on the fifth book, really loving them! Can't wait to see the movies...are they as good as the books?
I have got the full set and enjoyed each one, but I am now going to read them again without having to wait of the next one coming out.
Akh... I love J.K.!
She is FABULOUS! Her imagination is unbelievable!
I wish I had such a great ability... thumbs up
Loved the first 3, enjoyed the 4, read the others because I wanted to know what happened but they got soooooo dark. The third is probably the best, loved it.
Perfect well done
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