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The painter of battles: Arturo Perez Reverte

The painter of battles Arturo Perez Reverte Book
by Arturo Perez Reverte

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Arturo Perez Reverte is one of the best selling Spanish author,he got fantastic novels and this one is an outstanding war thriller based on his experience as a war correspondent,showing the atrocities he witnessed and photographed in the third Balkan war.
Haven`t read this book in particular, but several of his historical novels, which are well written and show knowledge of the times.
I haven`t read any non-fiction by him, so this book sounds a good start.TY for the info.
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Andrés Faulques, a world-renowned war photographer, has retreated to a tower overlooking the Spanish coast, where he paints a vast mural incorporating the indelible images of conflict he’s witnessed in his lifetime.

One night, an unexpected visitor interrupts his solitude. As Faulques struggles to recall the face, the man explains that he was the subject of an iconic photo taken by Faulques in a war zone years ago–a photo that destroyed his life. “And why have you come looking for me?” asks Faulques. The stranger answers, “Because I’m going to kill you.”

So begins a life-or-death exchange in which Faulques is forced to recall a time when he loved a beautiful woman and risked his life daily for art and testimony. Yet as the tense dialogue between Faulques and his would-be killer continues, the stakes grow even higher. What they are grappling with becomes not just Faulques’ fate, but the very nature of love and cruelty itself.
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