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Classic 30-Minute Meals: The All-Occasion Cookbook: Rachael Ray

Classic 30-Minute Meals: The All-Occasion Cookbook Rachael Ray Book
by Rachael Ray

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Rachel Ray's cookbook is an inexpensive and practical Christmas gift you can give to someone who loves to cook or would like to learn. The cookbook "Classic Rachel Ray 30-Minute Meals" is a compilation of recipes she had in previous books, which she says is "perfect for any occasion." Also a perfect gift idea for college students and young adults, this all-occasion cookbook highlights recipes for busy work or study nights, special gatherings and many other events. Playful and creative cartoons of Rachel Ray are displayed throughout the book, as are several actual photos of her at a young age and older.

The structure of Rachel Ray's cookbook is simple which makes it easy to follow. The margins have suggested side dishes that pair nicely with the recipes such as side salads, rice sides or roasted vegetables. She also shows how many servings each recipe will yield which will show how many ingredients you will need to add or take away depending on how many people you will be serving. The recipes are carefully and thoroughly written with everyone in mind (whether newbie or expert) and are short enough so it doesn't take longer to read than it does to actually cook the meal.

The 30-Minute Meals cookbook has helpful tips, timeless recipes and "Yum-O!" treats to make for any day of the week, any holiday and any person. You'll discover her recipes for Everyday, Parties, Date Nights and Kid Chefs along with an index to easily access something you may want to cook. The recipes you'll find are hearty, wholesome, enticing, unique and simple with many different kinds of foods with diverse influences.
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An outstanding collection of Rachael Ray's best 30-Minute Meals, now in one volume. Features over 150 meals selected from eight of Rachael's bestselling titles.
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