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WELCOME TO TELLY TALES, The Adventures of Telly the Owl! A sequel to Tales of the Swamp Creatures, the Beginning of Telly the Owl and his rule of the swamp creatures! In this book, Son, Thomas Telly Owl becomes Leader. However, Thomas doesn't see things like his Father's "Old School Ways!" But learns with the help of, Mr. Rabbit, (his father's mentor) how to become the leader his father would be proud of. Read about Teddy the Turtle and the Shell game. The Indian Boy's, Little White Lie and the Greatest Love: The Story of the Birth, Life, Death and Resurrection of JESUS CHRIST! Copies of this book can be ordered through www. or www. B&N.Com.

Paul David Powers graduated from Miracle Valley Bible College, Thomas Nelson Community College with an AAS Degree in Photography, Southside VA Community College, with an AAS Degree in Human Services, Substance Abuse Counseling. A BA Degree in Counseling from Master's International School of Divinity. Paul is the author of TELLY TALES, The Adventures of Telly the Owl, (Current), Tales of the Swamp Creatures, both children's book; and From Woodstock to the Cross-The Story of a Former Hippie Flower Child! Paul returned to his hometown, Cumberland, MD in 2011 where we has since retired after Thirty-Four Years as a Cpunselor and Faith Based Social Worker! For Book Signings write: [email protected]
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WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF TELLY TALES The Adventures of Telly the Owl A continuation of Tales of the Swamp Creatures The Beginning How Telly the Owl became leader of the swamp creatures In this sequel his son Thomas Telly Owl becomes the successor in his place Thomas However doesn t see things the same way like his Father s Old School Ways of Leading He was young and hip and had alot to learn about becoming a leader Thats where Mr Rabbit his father s mentor comes in Thomas rough around the edges becomes the leader his father would be proud of Order your Copy of TELLY TALES TODAY Once you start reading it you will not want to lay it down until completion
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