by Himani Vashishta

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Princess Of Falcons is the thrilling tale of Silviya, a young girl from North America, who is forced to flee to India with her aunt Trisha and is plagued by questions about her mysterious past.

Summary Of The Book

Silviya is the young protagonist of Princess Of Falcons written by Himani Vashistha. Silviya was born in a mysterious tribe in North America. However, due to certain unexpected events, she is forced to flee from her country, along with her aunt Trisha. They flee to India and start their lives anew. The India that has been depicted in this novel is the India of today.

As the story advances, Silviya begins to get dreams about her past that traumatize her greatly. When she is unable to cope with the trauma, she makes up her mind to journey to the land of her birth, along with some of her friends, in an attempt to find out more about her origin.

The place of her birth is known as Bangolarrea. While exploring this place, Silviya must also do something about the impending war between her tribe, which is the Falcon tribe and the opposing Naga tribe. The writer has also introduced Silviya's love interest, Manav, who is her college friend in India. Silviya must make some important choices in her life, keeping Manav in mind as well.

Later in the story, we are introduced to Ralf, who is a young warrior in the past and is a part of Silviya's Falcon tribe. The presence of Ralf causes Silviya to face severe inner turmoil while making certain life-changing decisions. The most important of these decisions is whether she would return home to India or if she would choose to stay on in the past in an attempt to destroy it. Princess Of Falcons details the decisions she makes and how it affects her life.
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Silviya, a girl living in our present day society in India, finds herself unexpectedly confronted with difficult questions about herself due to her horrible dreams. She was born amid of bloodshed and violence in an obscure tribe of North America. Her grandmother Trisha who was an Indian took her to India for safety and solace and shattered all relationship with past. Silviya knew nothing about her origin but past cast it shadows, same happened with Silviya.

The balance between Silviya’s study and family becomes disrupted as she travelled North America and found some hue of her origin. Her relation with her grandmother reaches dangerous levels; soon, their lives shattered once again.

Forced to pick up the pieces and deal with her past, Silviya embarks on a journey to an obscure region Bangolarrea with her friends where she was born; to find truth and her identity. The path to the answers they seek-and have sought for all their lives-is one that takes them entered into dangerous water.

The Falcon tribe in which Silviya was born is threatened by Naga tribe. She will be there to lead a deadly battle and kill Python!
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