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The Complete Guide to Food Allergies and Environmental Illness: Dr. Keith Mumby

The Complete Guide to Food Allergies and Environmental Illness Dr. Keith Mumby Book
by Dr. Keith Mumby

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Ever since I bought this book it is like a reference guide.
I use it very often in my practice.

It is well written (by one of UK's most famous allergy and environmental specialists) and easy to understand.

Highly recommended
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Compiled in encyclopaedic style, this reference book covers every aspect of food and environmental allergies, how to test for them and what to do about them. It includes sections on obesity and fat-trigger foods, losing weight easily, the mercury hazard, seasonal affective disorder, geopathic stress, electromagnetic radiation, architecture and health, and nutrition against allergy. Keith Mumby is the author of "Allergy Handbook" and "Food Allergy Plan".
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