Jane Eyre: Charlotte Bronte

Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte Book
by Charlotte Bronte

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This book is full of tragedy lost and Love what a beautiful story.
I never read the book completely, but saw the movie. It inspires me, when you think you have it bad, you look at what she overcame. The ending made me start to cry when he told her 'you were loved'.
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Jane Eyre is the story of a small, plain-faced, intelligent, and passionate English orphan. Jane is abused by her aunt and cousin and then attends a harsh charity school. Through it all she remains strong and determinedly refuses to allow a cruel world to crush her independence or her strength of will. A masterful story of a woman's quest for freedom and love. Jane Eyre is partly autobiographical, and Charlotte Brontë filled it with social criticism and sinister Gothic elements. A must read for anyone wishing to celebrate the indomitable strength of will or encourage it in their growing children.
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