A short history of Ireland's Famine: Ruan O'Donnell

A short history of Ireland's Famine Ruan O'Donnell Book
by Ruan O'Donnell

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Abagailonline today!
I picked this book up in Cobh, Ireland last year... It's a very interesting read. This outlines what occurred during the famine of the 1840's... What attributed to it coming about and what attributed to the demise of so many family's in Ireland during this famine. The book ( as the title suggests) is not a long one, but it's a very comprehensive read.
Hi, it sounds like a good read, being Irish I would love to get my hands on it. I dont fully understand the history of the Famine.
Abagailonline today!
Golden... I bought the book in Cobh and it was very enlightening. I did go to see the famine statues in Dublin and they are incredible.
mik4youonline today!
I heard why to main cause of the potatoes famine was that :-

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This condensed history examines why the Great Famine was so catastrophic, and explores its effect on Irish society and culture. It explains the circumstances surrounding the period and addresses the essential issues of this catastrophe. Aspects covered include the spread of disease, public works projects, disagreements between political leaders in Ireland and England, landlords, emigration, and British policy in Ireland. This is accessible, informative, and insightful history at its best. ""This is a short book, but it is jammed with powerful, thought-provoking facts.""--Irish American News
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