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Atlas Shrugged: Ayn Rand

Atlas Shrugged Ayn Rand Book
by Ayn Rand

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A very interesting presentation on the true backbone of self improvement and utilizing every opportunity to get to the top.

While some consider it as an epitome of self aggrandizement, I find it to be the result of the creation of a great society.

Who's John Galt?

Love it to the end.

The world of Lazzeis Faire. For A SOCIETY to function at best, nobody must accept any dole outs. Everyone must produce. Government should not limit the ability of an individual to progress.
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I have a question for you Philomena. In Anne Rand's Utopian World, where everyone should produce; what about those who are unable to? I refer to those who are born crippled, profoundly retarded etc etc. Where do they fit into Rand's idea of a logical utopia? Or are they to be ignored, or done away with? I have read this book, and this is the question I would ask Rand, if she were still alive.confused
Rand - a complete crazy.
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Peopled by larger-than-life heroes and villains, charged with towering questions of good and evil, Atlas Shrugged is Ayn Rand’s magnum opus: a philosophical revolution told in the form of an action thriller.

Who is John Galt? When he says that he will stop the motor of the world, is he a destroyer or a liberator? Why does he have to fight his battles not against his enemies but against those who need him most? Why does he fight his hardest battle against the woman he loves?

You will know the answer to these questions when you discover the reason behind the baffling events that play havoc with the lives of the amazing men and women in this book. You will discover why a productive genius becomes a worthless playboy...why a great steel industrialist is working for his own destruction...why a composer gives up his career on the night of his triumph...why a beautiful woman who runs a transcontinental railroad falls in love with the man she has sworn to kill.

Atlas Shrugged, a modern classic and Rand’s most extensive statement of Objectivism—her groundbreaking philosophy—offers the reader the spectacle of human greatness, depicted with all the poetry and power of one of the twentieth century’s leading artists.
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