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The outlander: Diana Gabaldon Book

The outlander: Diana Gabaldon
I'm at the sixth book and its just wonderful
its like chocolate loll

ISBN: 0440212561

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    OUTRAGEOUS May 2009 Por ahi, Puntarenas Costa Rica
    I have re-read these books over and over. I have 'hosed' 2 nieces and a friend. I am totally in-love with Jamie Fraser 'sighs'

    This is easily my favorite book, ever. I can't wait for 'Echo..." to hit the stands.

    I learned about love a lot with Jamie and Claire. Now I know how love is supposed to look like and to feel like. Not going to settle for less, ever again.

    Best chapter (all chapters are amazing)is the wedding night 'sighing again'... and the most/heart wrenching chapter is when Jamie tells Claire abt his ordeal in the dungeons at the hands of Black Jack Randall...crying
  • petiteoneHidden Profile
    petiteoneHidden Profile May 2009 Paola, Kansas USA
    If you like this book, you need to read the Highlander series by Karen Marie Moning. They are addicted. You won't know till you try.
  • loulou33Hidden Profile
    loulou33Hidden ProfileOP May 2009 somewhere over the rainbow, Quebec Canada
    i dream of jamie fraser too ahhhhh
    wonderful book that fills your head with so many images
    OUTRAGEOUS May 2009 Por ahi, Puntarenas Costa Rica
    I was on Lallybroch today and realised that the new book will be released Sept. 22, 2009, on my birthday!!! peace yay
  • madamebutterflyHidden Profile
    madamebutterflyHidden Profile May 2009 Seefin, Mayo Ireland
    I have read the whole series and have never been disappointed. Although the love story of Jamie Fraser and Claire as the "meat" of the story, I find that the political and historical aspects just as compelling. Loved this series and read it time after time.
    OUTRAGEOUS Jun 2009 Por ahi, Puntarenas Costa Rica
    Yesssss. Claire couldn't have landed in a more convoluted era but the XVIII Century... I mean, the French revolution, the two Stuart risings, the American Revolution...they get to be part of history in the making, and being Jamie he couldn't NOT be a part of it.

    I have read the spin-off's as well... the Lord John Gray novels...these are amazing, and you get to see a side of Lord John that's so funny and real...not just his <gay> love and attraction for Jamie, but how unhappy he's been, and how hard is has been on him, to be able to love and be loved in return...Fantastic!
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