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Hidden Prey: John Sandford

Hidden Prey John Sandford Book
by John Sandford

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secretagent09online today!
Russia, communism, spies, crime scenes. All will keep you on edge.
Prestigious extravagant display of power the best book writer I read the book in 2 days loved it I believe john has become a master
Love John Sandford "Prey" books and now hooked on that "Fn Flowers"...
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“One of the strongest in Sandford’s Prey series.”—Entertainment Weekly

“Good, dark, perverse, bloody fun.”—The Washington Post Book World

Theories abound when a Russian gets himself killed on the shore of Lake Superior—shot with fifty-year-old bullets. But when it turns out he had very high government connections, state troubleshooter Lucas Davenport gets the call. Well, Lucas and a mysterious Russian cop with secrets all her own. Together, they’ll follow a trail back to another place and another time, and battle the shadows they discover there—shadows that turn out to be both very real and very deadly.
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