Time After Time: Joanna Lamprey

Time After Time Joanna Lamprey Book
by Joanna Lamprey

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Short stories, mainly flash fiction, and a novella about time travel. Available as an eBook from Amazon. (Ebook software can be downloaded free from Amazon onto computer, iPhone, iPad, not only on Kindle)

Ideal stories for a quick cup of coffee, or commuters, or those hurry-up-then-wait moments when you want something to read. Some are funny, some are thought-provoking, some will make you shift in your chair. The title story, Time After Time will grip you like a vice!
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Stories ranging from flashfiction to a novella, comedy to lost-in-time drama, even a puff of steampunk

Time After Time, the title story, is the last in this book, and novelette length, around ten thousand words.

The collection contains a baker’s dozen of flash-fiction stories: some cheerful, some sly, some alien and some very close to home. All of them were either competition winners or finalists, and three also appear in anthologies, reproduced here with the permission of the publishers.

They are ideal coffee-break reads, or for commuters. Be careful, though, where you read the last one. You might miss your stop.

About Time After Time:

Being different can be hard to live with. Finding out that what makes you different is going to change your life, in ways closed to nearly everyone else on Earth, is pretty heady stuff. You can’t blame a girl for getting a little carried away .. that's not the same as crazy. Don't call her crazy.

This is a story about travelling back through time. And the importance of not stepping on butterflies. More accurately, about acting without thinking, when twenty thousand years hang in the balance.

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