The Magic Shield: A Manual of Defense Against the Dark Arts: Francis Melville

The Magic Shield: A Manual of Defense Against the Dark Arts Francis Melville Book
by Francis Melville

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Practical really. I like to hand it to and individual and see what page they open to random.
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Author and expert on metaphysical subjects Francis Melville asserts that psychic attack, the practice of the dark arts, is more common than many of us would like to believe. Often taking the form of nightmares, illness, and accidents, it is practiced on unwary subjects by personal enemies who have turned bitter as a result of envy, hatred, resentment, or spite. He divides his latest book into two parts. Part One explains the basic principles behind all forms of destructive magic, and Part Two discusses ways in which readers can protect themselves against negative influences, whether deliberate or unconscious. Several destructive magic arts are described in detail, including Satanism, Black Lodges, Voudou, and Demonic Possession, among others. Recommended protections described by the author include specific physical exercises, the making of amulets and talismans, angelic invocation, recital of mantras and meditations, and exorcism. This fascinating study is printed in two colors and supplemented with more than 250 illustrations.
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