The Fertile Ground: Dr. T. K. Stone

The Fertile Ground Dr. T. K. Stone Book
by Dr. T. K. Stone

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If you want to understand your mind and body, read this book. The best quote about our life comes from a Japanese philosopher; "When you know Nature, you will know the will of God" and this book is about Nature and God.
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This is a planetary health book because "The Fertile Ground" is a mind//body health e-book about the space where our "soul" rests and abides in the concept described in metaphysics as "eternal" life. The "soul" is our center where all movement comes from, where our thoughts express before the physical effects materialize. Here is where our minds and bodies create and experience their energies for living in life. This "soul" concept is the main part of our existence. Where we exist, our mind//body experiences "living and dying" here on Earth. Between this living and dying is the temporary life, not the "eternal" life. In western traditions the philosophers have invented the word "soul" to describe characteristics of the "light energy" that lives in all of Nature's beings. This "light energy" of our universe is "the fertile ground" where our "soul" functions to understand our life of energy and matter. Our souls travel the universe because Earth travels the universe and we are Earth's passengers. Travel safely, follow the directions from Earth's stewardesses and stewards to be healthy and happy, especially in an emergency where applying Nature's principles could save your life. "The Fertile Ground" is an e-book posting these "traveler's rules" for mind/body health in a poetic way so we can experience a safer journey on the planet while living in these changing times.
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