Three Four Knock On My Door: EJ Lamprey

Three Four Knock On My Door EJ Lamprey Book
by EJ Lamprey

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Back at the Lawns, with visitors including the enigmatic Dallas from Louisiana, Sylvia's handsome Australian nephew, and Death. In person. Complete with scythe. Who gets bitten by Maggie, the problem dog now living at the Lawns.
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DOG BITES DEATH! But then anyone who dresses up as Death and knocks on doors in the wee small hours in a retirement village deserves it. Then he turned up dead too . . .

In One Two Buckle My Shoe the engaging Edge and Vivian solved a flurry of murders at Grasshopper Lawns with their new friends Donald and William, but life has now settled back to normal. As normal as it can be in this particular Scottish retirement village, where residents are chosen for their interesting histories. Vivian and William are relishing their lively flirtation, there’s a new resident with a dreadful dog, and Sylvia is enjoying the visit of a devoted and handsome nephew.

Even the suicide of a young and pretty Kenyan girl doesn’t seem to need the murder-solving talents of the four friends.The most exotic visitor is the enigmatic Dallas from Louisiana, with life-changing news for Vivian - but when Death makes a personal call, recent events take on a more sinister aspect.

Once again the amateur sleuths of the retirement village combine to solve murder in between unexpected family, winter picnics, and a new resident dog causing havoc at the Lawns.

Excerpt: Edge nodded at Vivian. “Yes, but Donald has a point. She could have snarled because she recognized him, or he could have just changed his aftershave. The reaction of an extremely xenophobic dog isn’t going to count in court.”

“But if he is the man she tangled with, he won’t be thinking about that.” William argued. “He opens the door, the dog takes one keek at him and lunges in, and his reaction alone will tell us. If he’s surprised that a dog he never met wants to bite him, he’s innocent. If he shrieks like a girl and slams the door;”

“He’s normal,” Donald finished wryly.

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