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Alice in Wonderland: Lewis Carroll

Alice in Wonderland Lewis Carroll Book
by Lewis Carroll

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I studied Carroll in drama school and Alice has remained my favourite children's book of all time.
I love this book, it is my go to when I have nothing new to read. When I was younger and a bit of a hippy :) my friends and I would read it to each other wherever we were usually under the influence of something or other. Good memories
NOSTRUSonline today!
I think most people today realize that Lewis Carroll's relationship with the real Alice was most likely inappropriate and that he was likely a paedophile . He was obsessed with Alice and the whole book could be viewed as a convoluted fairy tale he made up actually describing s*xual abuse of a child . I know when I read it as a young teenager I felt confused and unsettled by it . Alice's parents banned Carroll from contact with their daughter for a l6ing period of a year or so but he wheedled his way back in His photographs of Alice posing semi naked aS a little girl would be viewed very differently today now we are aware of paedophilia and the grooming process.
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In 1862 Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, a shy Oxford mathematician with a stammer, created a story about a little girl tumbling down a rabbit hole. Thus began the immortal adventures of Alice, perhaps the most popular heroine in English literature. Countless scholars have tried to define the charm of the Alice books–with those wonderfully eccentric characters the Queen of Hearts, Tweedledum, and Tweedledee, the Cheshire Cat, Mock Turtle, the Mad Hatter et al.–by proclaiming that they really comprise a satire on language, a political allegory, a parody of Victorian children’s literature, even a reflection of contemporary ecclesiastical history. Perhaps, as Dodgson might have said, Alice is no more than a dream, a fairy tale about the trials and tribulations of growing up–or down, or all turned round–as seen through the expert eyes of a child.
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