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EyMiSo: Chris Southwood

EyMiSo Chris Southwood Book
by Chris Southwood

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This book is no longer in print - I have published an update.
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How do you feel about your life? Do you have everything you want - health, wealth, love, happiness? Or do you feel frustrated, unable to achieve - and know there is more? What if I shared with you a secret that would give you everything you ever wanted, not anything, but everything? This secret is called EyMiSo. There are many 'life hacks' using auto-suggestion, esoteric trances, hypnosis, and mantras that claim a better life. They all work given time, dedication and patience. There is a better way. That way is EyMiSo. It is not new - I have extensively researched and condensed those original concepts into an easily understandable process that allows you to benefit immediately from your new and rewarding lifestyle choices. EyMiSo is different, it is logical, and it works. If you believe you are a success or failure, healthy or sick, happy or unhappy then you are right. Simply changing self-belief will change your life and EyMiSo will do that for you. You will become wealthy with EyMiSo. It will also make you rich in other things like love, health, respect and friendships. In this book, I describe how by using EyMiSo I stopped smoking, permanently, without the pain and craving of withdrawal, easily and with only one session. I describe how using EyMiSo I banished the caustic and debilitating effects of irritation by the use of a simple mind game and then direct interaction with the subconscious. We explore romance and love. How attraction is nothing to do with looks, age or money. It is self-image and confidence. If you are looking for a new partner or nurturing the love you already have then changing or improving your self-image via EyMiSo will guarantee success and lasting happiness. From the common cold to obesity I describe how the body can regain control of your health utilizing centuries old techniques, compacted into an easy to follow process. A procedure that goes deep into your subconscious, via the most direct route possible, to take control and fight back, harnessing your bodies own strengths and natural resources. You will read in this book many case histories describing how the mind had halted the production of cancer cells. How arguably it was the body that produced defective cell growth and the possibility that can be reversed. It is more than just willpower. EyMiSo is a direct instruction to the unimaginably awesome, fantastically powerful and perhaps the least understood of human mechanisms - the subconscious mind. Everything that is humanly possible is achievable with EyMiSo. This book takes you on a journey - a journey to self, via a devastatingly effective process that will give you all you deserve. Just an hour or so of reading and thought and you could start your first session tonight - this very night. On the morrow, you will start your journey to be a new sparkling and splendid person, graced with health, confidence, and love.
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