The GRAVITY CONNECTION: Robert Dean Burlison II

The GRAVITY CONNECTION Robert Dean Burlison II Book
by Robert Dean Burlison II

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LincolnsCousinonline today!
Only 260 pages lest it fry your brain. It took 5 years to write and toss a lot of great insight for a small package that comes full circle. However, like a ball of string there is always a loose end. So, I gave permission for others to write sequels in all disciplines. One you find the secret to gravity (including a device to create a sythetic field from 2 radio frequency power sources) everything falls in place. God was NOT my original subject but I was just pulled into the spiritual. Sometimes I was confused as to whether i was in the spiritual or physical realm because the physical was created out of God's own substance.

This isno Bull. I described the only feasible form for God to exist as a natural part of the universe (He can project His image anywhere in any form at a speed which i call quantums of instantaneousness. The quantum is the distance of the jump, light speed is like zero by comparison). IMPORTANT, 3 TINY ERROR REMAIN TO CAUSE HAVOC. EXAMPLE "is" instead of "is not". so if logic fails, reverse your thinking.

The Trinity is explained (what exactly is the Holy Spirit and it's purpose?)
How the Soul communicates with the spirit realm.
How Jesus was God & Man.
Where Heaven is in relation to Earth and how God is like a huge computer with Jesus as the IT who will protect God the Holy Father from the Unholy viruses (Sin) not by removing us once we are there but by quarantine. How Jesus was really a liaison from God sent to experience ALL so He can speak in our defense at Judgement. Think about it. Would you respect an immortal who nerve felt the pains in life or death yet put Demands on you?

I am very tired so that is all I can say about my eBook now. You will have to Google iton Amazon or go to > Books
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