The 13th Tribe: Meto Edgar Onwuamaegbu

The 13th Tribe Meto Edgar Onwuamaegbu Book
by Meto Edgar Onwuamaegbu

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I like this book because it depicts actual events in Jewish history and maps this down to Jewish families that are alive today. The book chronicles successive generations through notable historical time points. From those that sat shiva for Miriam the sister of Moses, in the Jewish quarter of Kadesh during the 40-year period of wandering in the desert, to the destruction of the second temple and the diaspora. Then, the edit of expulsion from Spain in 1492 and the mass murder of the Jews of Europe at Auschwitz-Birkenau by the Nazis during the pogrom of World War II.

Usada is a former Tribune in the elite Praetorian Guard of Kadesh, who became the first outsider to become a captain of 1,000 men in the army of Israel. Dike is the commander of the fearsome ancient Irgun. The exploits of these two men and their descendants punctuate this historical epic. The 13th Tribe is a hard-hitting historical epic about families within a lost tribe of Israel known as the rump of Israel.

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