Ghost Of The Titanic: John Ginesi

Ghost Of The Titanic John Ginesi Book
by John Ginesi

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I liked "The Ghost Of The Titanic", probably because I wrote it though it is a very interesting story it has history, science fiction and an awe inspiring tale of adventure, it takes Titanic into the future when it rendevous with it's future counterpart Titanic II, My favourite Chapter I would say them all. I learned from this book I have a flair for writing short stories. I feel most people would be highly entertained by the book if it was on the market, unfortunately I have the only copy, along with many other unpublished gems. The only connection to my book is the original book of the "Titanic", I even wrote a sequel to Titanic also unpublished, titled "Titanic In New York" where Titanic misses the iceberg and lands in New York, it is more of a conspiracy story than historical, this above story is the next sequel.
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