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its a great book, about how we are destroyed by our own inventions(technology), and many have said its a book for pervs, well its not, the book its very deep in its contents if ur smart enough to get it.
"I believe in the mysterious beauty of Margaret Thatcher, in the arch of her nostrils and the sheen on her lower lip"
J.G. Ballard
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In this hallucinatory novel, an automobile provides the hellish tableau in which Vaughan, a "TV scientist" turned "nightmare angel of the highways," experiments with erotic atrocities among auto crash victims, each more sinister than the last. James Ballard, his friend and fellow obsessive, tells the story of this twisted visionary as he careens rapidly toward his own demise in an internationally orchestrated car crash with Elizabeth Taylor.

A classic work of cutting-edge fiction, Crash explores both the disturbing implications and horrific possibilities of contemporary society's increasing dependence on technology as intermediary in human relations.

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