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memoria de mis putas tristes(memories of my sad whores?): gabriel garcia marquez

memoria de mis putas tristes(memories of my sad whores?) gabriel garcia marquez Book
by gabriel garcia marquez

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it tells the story of a man in his 70's that has always had to pay have sex, it tells us the story of how he falls in love(platonic love) with a 14 year old girl thats being kept in a brothel. it deals with loneliness, materialism, superficiality, and ofcourse platonic love.
I have read many of Garcia Márquez's books... and I found this one a bit depressing...García Márquez is not easy to read, but as always his narrative is so compelling...It is a master piece, like the rest of his work.
I love to read his books... I live every word and every page.... He used strong language... but in the natural form.... He's amazing author.... This book is realist... funny.... thumbs up
Oh yes, one of my all time favorites. brilliantly written. You almost feel sorry for the old man.....
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“El año de mis noventa años quise regalarme una noche de amor con una adolescente virgen.”

Un viejo periodista decide festejar sus noventa años a lo grande, dándose un regalo que le hará sentir que todavía está vivo: una jovencita. En el prostíbulo de un pintoresco pueblo, ve a la jovencita de espaldas, completamente desnuda, y su vida cambia radicalmente. Ahora que la conoce se encuentra a punto de morir, pero no por viejo, sino de amor.

Así, Memoria de mis putas tristes cuenta la vida de este anciano solitario lleno de man’as. Por él sabremos cómo en todas sus aventuras sexuales (que no fueron pocas) siempre dio a cambio algo de dinero, pero nunca imagino que de ese modo encontrar’a el verdadero amor.

Esta nueva novela es una conmovedora reflexión que celebra las alegrías del enamoramiento y contempla las desventuras de la vejez, escrito en el estilo incomparable de Gabriel García Márquez.

“In my ninetieth year, I decided to give myself the gift of a night of love with a young virgin.”

An elderly journalist decides to celebrate his 90 years in a grand way, giving himself a present that will make him feel like he’s still alive: a virgin. In the brothel of a picturesque town, he sees the young woman from the back, completely naked, and his life changes radically. Now that he meets her he finds himself close to dying, not of old age, but rather of love.

Memoria de mis putas tristes is the story of this eccentric, solitary old man, a narrative of his sexual adventures (of which there were many), for which he always paid, never imagining that this would be the way he would discover true love.

This new novel, written in Gabriel García Márquez’s incomparable style movingly, contemplates the misfortunes of old age and celebrates the joys of being in love.
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