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Letters From Cicely: Ellis Weiner

Letters From Cicely Ellis Weiner Book
by Ellis Weiner

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For those of you who are true 'fans' of Northern Exposure, this book is definitely a must have! This book is as quirky as the original series. The reader gets an opportunity to see some of the insights and private thoughts of Cicilians as they write letters to various people outside of Cicily. As you read through the story that is made up of these letters, you can actually hear the characters 'talking'.

Taken from the back cover: "Hillarious, touching and downright peculiar, Letters from Cicely reveals the innermost thoughts and dreams of the whole "Northern Exposure" gang - Fleischman, O'Connell, Maurice Minnifield, Chris "In the Morning" Stevens, Ed Chigliak, and more. Grab this chance to explore the lives of the colourful denizens of Cicely, Alaska. It's like having your own barstool at Roslyn's Cafe - without the mooseburgers"!!
OMG!!! I didn't know it existed, it's a total must have for me! I love Northern Exposure like nothing else, I have all seasons at home! Thank you for that!
are we the ONLY two Northern Exposure fans on this entire site??? Have sent you an e-mail but it said it was "blocked" so I'm not sure if you will get it. Have a search through my video's, e-cards, movies, and poetry for more Northern Exposure stuff. Us moose-burgers have got to stick together! peace laugh
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A collection of letters reveal the innermost thoughts of the residents of Cicely, Alaska
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