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by Christopher Joseph bennett

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This book is the work of love that I have for the kind lord
I got my first book published 2 years ago and I'm working on more if you want a copy write to [email protected] Com
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Inside the walls of this book lies the path to truth!

The fastest way to bring the lord home to those you love! This book is a life altering book. This book is a collection of common questions people ask and must have the answers for, so I put this book together from the King James Bible and thoughts of my own. I am calling it Here a Little, There a Little, to let people know that to get the truth you must study your bible by reading here a little, and there a little. I thought this would be a good way to reach many who, without these questions being answered, would not give their heart to the Lord and will need to learn to study. The meaning of here a little, there a little in their studies will become the theme of the type of studying they will start in everyday practice. These are just small studies and just touch the tip of biblical facts in the book of God. May you be blessed from these words of love, rebuke and repentance that all may hear the truth in God's love.
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