Twilight Saga: Stephanie Meyer

Twilight Saga Stephanie Meyer Book
by Stephanie Meyer

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Okay, so im a big dirk but i can't help but think that Edward Cullen is the world most perfect guy and hes PUR FICTION. depressing huh? But i do love this Saga. especially the First and last books. I would recommend them to anyone. even tho they are written at the high school age the love story can touch someone of all ages. Hope you guys enjoy then as much as i did.

I really loved it... even when I put something on the cover when I was reading it in the bus... blushing
This series was passed around my work like it was made of gold. Awesom books. Very hard to put it down.

The movie a bland comparison. I think if you never read the books, the movie will still me mediocre...sigh
The fourth book is by far the best. Great series though. Love her next offering "the Host" even more. Great writer. My kids loved the movie, so I guess it hit its target audience. wine
i love this book collection it's awesome guys u can learn a thing or two about how to wooo woman with these books
I read all four books in less than two weeks these books are amazing.The fourth was by far my favorite.
I agree with all of u guys!! this has to be by far the best books ive ever read! when i started reading them i couldn't put them down!! and yea i admit it im in love with a fictional character (Edward Anthony Cullen) lol heart wings
I love the first book and I liked the movie but the second book to this series,new moon had it's moments the first 20 pages was great the middle I could do without and I took a long break before finishing the rest. Stephanie Myers couldn't make a strong ending to the storyline. I am looking forward to the movie this fall. I hope it's better than the book. I didn't bother to finish the rest of this series although I cheated I know what happens.
I read these when they were first published, its great that they are finally getting the attention that they so truly deserve.

Just about everyone is so hung on Edward but my favorite Cullen is Alice with Emmett as a close second.
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