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mr nice: howard marks

mr nice howard marks Book
by howard marks

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excellent story of how howard marks became one of the biggest drug dealers in the world
I've read all of his books and I actually went to see him speak 2 weeks ago - he's a wonderful author and an even better speaker. So frank and funny - if you love the books, do make it a priority to go and see him speak - one of the best evenings I've ever spent!
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During the mid 1980s Howard Marks had 43 aliases, 89 phone lines, and owned 25 companies throughout the world. Whether bars, recording studios, or offshore banks, all were money laundering vehicles serving the core activity: dope dealing. Marks began to deal small amounts of hashish while doing a postgraduate philosophy course at Oxford, but soon he was moving much larger quantities. At the height of his career he was smuggling consignments of up to 50 tons from Pakistan and Thailand to America and Canada and had contact with organizations as diverse as MI6, the CIA, the IRA, and the Mafia. This is his extraordinary story.
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