FDR - A day of infamy: Kenneth Benton

FDR - A day of infamy Kenneth Benton Book
by Kenneth Benton

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This is Kenneth Benton's first book written by him and is published by the well known Publisher, - PublishAmerica.com and can be bought on-line at any book store, such as Barnes and Noble, or as an E-book. It is a recommended High School reading or adult book.

Kenneth is a long time native of Florida and a resident. He has always been interested as a young boy in WWII. Being, he grew up during those early War years. This was during a time when groceries and gasoline were being rationed. Radar was new to the country back then. So the United States Government enlisted the help of the Citizens Ground Observer Corps, to spot airplanes overhead and report them.

Kenneth is a graduate of Penn Foster Career School as a Freelance Writer. His War Time love story "FDR", unfolds how people really felt during this World War. Now the author realizing how history books or any other subject matter, can be... just a plain boring subject!

Ken set out to do something different in his Novelette. He wanted his words to flow to life and come off the pages so to speak.... So he created several fictitious characters to do this work for him;

First was James, an Army War time Pilot and his girlfriend a Navy Nurse... who nursed James back to health, during this war of fighting the Japs over the Pacific region with Japan.

The story is motivated along first by Truth and then mixed with fictional characters! This is to make it enjoyable and realistic to the reader. Franklin D. Roosevelt - the President, takes the center stage in this War Time Novelette.

The President arranges for his personal Spy Joe, the half-brother of James and the third fictitious character, to be sent by him on a Secret mission;, to enter Hitler's Germany, in Europe and bring back to America to work, the best of the Nazi's. This is during and after the war is over and uses Roosevelt's Secret newly, quickly-built prison, to hold 5,000 such inmates. Known Secretly, only as PO Box 1142, Ft Hunt Va and this prison serving it purpose, is then bull-dozed down after the war is over. A secret just released to the public.

Joe's half brother James, being a Army pilot, is shot down four times, in his Wars airplane's. All of which takes place in the Pacific waters and somehow, he always manages to escape and live! The story is a captive reading and has an unthought of... Bitter-sweet ending.
I like this book because I wrote it. All the chapters are good and I learned by my research some very striking truths that came out about this war. Every country the (allies) wanted the best of Hitlers scientists to come work for them.
I think it would make a good reading for high school.
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