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Most Liked Horror Books (43)

Here is a list of Horror Books ordered by Most Liked, posted by members. Add your favorite books to your profile- by choosing a book below, or by posting a new one not already on the list. See which books members like, write reviews on books you've read, or read reviews & comments written by other members. Click here to post a book.

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Pet Sematary Stephen King

Pet Sematary: Stephen King

Well its just a movie if you ask me....

Rocker19901,928311Oct 2013May 2014
Dracula Bram Stoker

Dracula: Bram Stoker

Hungry for that sweet final kiss. Vampires rule!...

Unknown2,399310Dec 2011Aug 2013
The Green Mile Stephen King

The Green Mile: Stephen King

OMG....this book broke my heart. It was such a tear jerker. This book was intriguing from start to finish. I really enjoyed it!...

Lammycool2,42029Nov 2009May 2010
The Raven Edgar Allan Poe

The Raven: Edgar Allan Poe

I was going to read it again, but then I decided nevermore...

Unknown2,11118Sep 2011Jul 2014
Salems Lot Stephen King

Salem's Lot: Stephen King

A winner this book keep ya occupied...

Unknown1,36017Sep 2014May 2015
Cujo Stephen King

Cujo: Stephen King

Really scary...

Rocker19901,07006Oct 2013
Unknown3,02326Apr 2009May 2015
The Tommyknockers Stephen King

The Tommyknockers: Stephen King

Yet another mammoth horror novel from King, this dark tale depicts a small town's fatal encounter with creatures from outer space. Events start with R...

Lammycool1,34904Nov 2009Nov 2009
The Taking Dean Koontz

The Taking: Dean Koontz

this is 1 gd book u should read...

TaintedHalo1,86614Sep 2010Feb 2011
Vampire Chronicles Anne Rice

Vampire Chronicles: Anne Rice

As real as your imagination...

sebastia2421,52934Aug 2013May 2018
The Amityville Horror Jay Anson

The Amityville Horror: Jay Anson

i agree it was scary as hell lol true story or not i believe in spirits =P...

Rocker19901,87514Dec 2011Jan 2014
The Exorcist William Peter Blatty

The Exorcist: William Peter Blatty

Once again I was afraid of what's under the bed....

postneoludite1,23104Jul 2014
Clive Barkers Hellraiser Vol 1 Clive Barker

Clive Barker's Hellraiser Vol. 1: Clive Barker

Keeps you on the edge of your car...

Rocker19901,28703May 2012
Fire Starter Stephen King

Fire-Starter: Stephen King

Has a great point of view...

Rocker19901,08703Oct 2013
Let the right one in John Ajvide Lindqvist

Let the right one in: John Ajvide Lindqvist

Oskar and Eli "In very different ways they were both victims. Which is why , against the odds, they became friends, and how they came to depend on on...

Unknown1,20703Apr 2010Apr 2010
Damien Omen II Joseph Howard

Damien Omen II: Joseph Howard

I love this book because it really moves quickly, and i love the character of Damien as he not a typical brat or a boy who you would think is destined...

Unknown1,97703Aug 2010Aug 2010
The Stand Stephen King

The Stand: Stephen King

I love King..but this is my favourite book of his.. Although I will never forgive him for killing off Larry Underwood. :)...

Lammycool2,04533Nov 2009Jul 2010
Watchers Dean Koontz

Watchers: Dean Koontz

Watchers was the second Dean Koontz book ive read and to be honest its great but not even close to Koontz's Dragon Tears or Twilight Eyes....

TaintedHalo1,38742Mar 2009Apr 2009
The Pilo Family Circus Will Elliot

The Pilo Family Circus: Will Elliot

never hears of this but psycho clowns sign me up......

Katfight1,75312Feb 2010Jul 2010
The Stand Stephen King

The Stand: Stephen King

What makes us love a book? I think that sometimes it's the "when" a book finds you that matters most. I must have been about 11 y/o when someone gave...

Unknown2,03212Oct 2010Feb 2012
Creepshow Stephen King

Creepshow: Stephen King

Read the book first then wacth the movie...

Rocker199090102Oct 2013
The Necroscope Brian Lumley

The Necroscope: Brian Lumley

er more so than Ann Rice...

SlowanDeliberate1,36112Jul 2014Jul 2014
The Hellbound Heart A Novel Clive Barker

The Hellbound Heart: A Novel: Clive Barker

Clive had what it took and now he's a wash-out, HP Lovecraft forever !...

Rocker19901,28012May 2012May 2012
Cycle Of The Werewolf Stephen King

Cycle Of The Werewolf: Stephen King

One of Kings all time best...

Rocker19901,38202Dec 2011
Circus of The Damned Laurell K Hamilton

Circus of The Damned: Laurell K Hamilton

I recommend the Anita Blake series to anyone. Just know she is very discriptive when writing. lol They are great and i'm actually rereading this one r...

alincia1,49602Jan 2012
Frankenstein Mary Shelley

Frankenstein: Mary Shelley

All of my life, I assumed that "Frankenstein" was the monster, but he is the creator. I read this book in my Literature class an truly enjoyed it. I l...

Unknown1,00302Jul 2015
John Dies At The end David Wong

John Dies At The end: David Wong

Great story telling, strong characters and a fun read....

Dark4une95901Mar 2016
The new christian how important is man to the devil al gilbert

The new christian how important is man to the devil: al gilbert

on very interesting a story of the anti Christ, man, the Christian TV. money, the mob. I would compare to the godfather, and good fellows...

giliberti144801May 2018
MR Mercedes Stephen King

MR Mercedes: Stephen King

Stephen King author of 60 or so books. He has recently been moving from horror(salemn's lot pet semetary) or psychological thrillers. this is a thrill...

Unknown1,10001Aug 2014
Rocker19901,21001May 2012
Twas the night of Zombies before Christmas Alex Willis

T'was the night of Zombies before Christmas: Alex Willis

This is not a childrens book! Any book about zombies should not be childrens books. This illustrated book is based on the classic tale, A visit from...

AlexScottVII99201Dec 2012
Joyland Stephen King

Joyland: Stephen King

Once again Stephen King manages to blend his brilliant humour with a sense of the eerie. King at his Best. Love the character Pops Allen and his fang-...

Unknown93101Jun 2013
Free Tibet Stephan Attia

Free Tibet: Stephan Attia

why tibetan like free tibet? China is developing it. Every tibetan are living with good life. i can't understand if tibet should free they should have...

Unknown2,05811Jul 2011Sep 2011
Watchers Dean Koontz

Watchers: Dean Koontz

Fantastic book, terrible movie...

JenJen7771,20801Feb 2014
Working For The Devil Lillith Saintcrow

Working For The Devil: Lillith Saintcrow

A great story involving psychics, demons and a very in depth plot that is very imaginative and makes the book hard to put down. There are a few books...

Katfight1,38601Feb 2010Feb 2010
The Unloved John Saul

The Unloved: John Saul

I totally agree with you guys. A friend couldn't sleep for 2 weels, she was always in her aunt's. Swore never to read horror anymore.....

Unknown2,37931Apr 2009May 2014
Anita Blake Series Laurell K Hamilton

Anita Blake Series: Laurell K. Hamilton

This series was recommended to me by a friend. I began reading the first book of the series, GUILTY PLEASURES, and was addicted by the end. I h...

Unknown1,00501May 2009May 2009
Strange Candy Laurell K Hamilton

Strange Candy: Laurell K. Hamilton

This is a collection of some of Laurell's short stories. She has written a short introduction to each of the stories making it so you can really relat...

Unknown1,11700May 2009May 2009
necroscope brian lumley

necroscope: brian lumley

i am a huge star of his work and he blows away most vampire books...

Unknown1,06800Nov 2009Nov 2009
Necroscope Brian Lumley

Necroscope: Brian Lumley

Lumley is a very good writer. I like the way he can draw you in with a single page....

Unknown1,04510Apr 2009Apr 2009
the passage justin cronin

the passage: justin cronin

freakin awsome read could not put it down...

Unknown1,50200Oct 2010Oct 2010

The WASP FACTORY: Iain Banks

good book maybe you already read it...

Unknown1,33300Feb 2011

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