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Deadly Spring Primavera mortale Lajos Zilahy

Deadly Spring (Primavera mortale)

One passage to which I will probably return my whole life! "I know this sounds a bit funny, but believe me, so human destiny is solved, so love is

Two Prisoners Lajos Zilahy

Two Prisoners

The book about love and war.Beautiful story. After this scene, the novel leads us five years in advance and shows Miet married to Ivan Galkonsky wit

Stan Lee Conversations Jeff McLaughlin

Stan Lee: Conversations

A number of interviews with comic creator Stan Lee.

the adventures of tintin herge

the adventures of tintin

Loved Tintin, particularly the ones about the moon trip.

Maus Art Spiegelman


This is one of the best known American graphic novel, and is always cited as an example of the possibilities of comics as an art form. It tells the s

Memn Pingun Yolanda Vargas Dulch

Memín Pinguín

funny,sweet ,love it ..

Tank Girl Dark Horse Comics

Tank Girl

Tank Girl isn't very ladylike, but her character is irreverent yet fun!

The Superhero Women Stan Lee

The Superhero Women

I'm an avid fan of comic books and graphic novels an d have quite a few of both. I was fortunate to find this gem on ebay years ago.

the watchmen alan moore

the watchmen

Great story! Recommend reading the comic before watching the movie. Both are great!

betty and veronica betty and veronica

betty and veronica

its funny, about friendship and relationship, helping out people in need.. its hilarious it makes u laugh all the chapters are my favorite.a funny or

Red River

one of my favorite graphic novel

The Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes Bill Watterson

The Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes

Ok, I know this is a dating site but despite being male, I must tilt my trilby, nod and smile in acknowledgement and respect for any Calvin and Hobbes

The Zen of Zelda Carol Gardner

The Zen of Zelda

This hilarious canine guru will lift your spirits and bring a smile to your face. The "Doggy Lama" dispenses Zenlike wisdom in her inimitable bulldog

Halo Grapic Novel Simon Bisley Ed Lee Tsutomo Nihei and Moebius

Halo Grapic Novel

I loved the games and now the Comics it's brill

madtat29: "Black Sheep"(meet us in the poems)

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