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The True Believer Dies In The Dream Of The Unborn Butterfly Michael Deerfield

The True Believer Dies In The Dream Of The Unborn Butterfly.

My name is James Haffner, and I began my sixty-sixth birthday by visiting my bucket and mop, my work colleague is the metal type on wheels. This is wh

Sapiens A Brief History of Humankind Yuval Noah Harari

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

It gave me a different perspective of the history of mankind, and it underlines the importance of prehistory and the recent common origin of modern hu

The Pen Michael Deerfield

The Pen

The Pen. This is the story of a Saturday morning in Birmingham City Centre, which was just a little bit more unusual than my usual Saturday morning

Dream Of The Unborn Butterfly Michael Deerfield

Dream Of The Unborn Butterfly

Dream Of The Unborn Butterfly. My life began when I surrendered my soul to nature, the way falling leaves surrender to the wind.This is when I bui

Holly Quran Last testement

Holly Quran

The Quran is a book fram God.wich contains scientific miracles and has any contridiction unlike the bible has many contradictions. I advace you to rea

The Harry Potter Series J K Rowling

The Harry Potter Series

Perfect well done

The Necroscope Brian Lumley

The Necroscope

er more so than Ann Rice

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Stiegg Larsson

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Today I finished Book No. 3 of the trilogy. I am very pleased that I went ahead and bought the books. Now I wish I had someone to discuss the books w

DaVinci Code Dan Brown

DaVinci Code

I have read this book of Dan Brown's and all of his books. I am looking forward to reading his newest book 'Inferno' which I have pre-ordered through

Atlas Shrugged Ayn Rand

Atlas Shrugged

Actually, this book doesn't make good predictions on what would happen if the wealthiest industrialists left society to form their own. For one thi

Bad monkey Carl Hiaasen

Bad monkey

This mfkr is hilarious. Literally will make you laugh out loud and have people and animals give you a side-eyes glances like you might have lost your

I Need Man I searching man who keep me like as a wife with him

I Need Man

Actually my hobby is like a woman. Every time I wear women clothing. Anybody can keep me with him vas a wife and love me as wife.

love languages Chapman

love languages

According to Chapman, the five ways of expressing and experiencing love between partners which he calls "love languages" are: Receive gifts Sp

Scarlet Letter Nathaniel Hawthorne

Scarlet Letter

Past related...

Gravitys Rainbow Thomas Pynchon

Gravity's Rainbow

Every time I read Pynchon, I am not sure what is going on, but the payoff is worth it. Sci-fi and Historical Fiction. It explores history, colonialism

Experiencias de vida Clara limonta bonitto

Experiencias de vida

Life is a Journey,,,you can chose how to expirience every moment, you can learn,growth,and expand,or you can be a victim

You can climb a tree Jeramie Tesky

You can climb a tree

Seeds Weeds jj johnson

Seeds & Weeds

Seeds & Weeds is a philosophically expressive journey through life in poetry and prose. It touches on a variety of topics that anyone can relate to. T

Lost on the battlefield Ionel Movila

Lost on the battlefield

The end of the world has begun and the fight betwen good and evil has started. But the key to saving the univers or destroing it, lies in the hand's o

Stories and Life Lessons Ionel Movila

Stories and Life Lessons

The book contains stories and life leasons wrote by me. An it can be found here ...

Hard boiled Egg n Toast Criostior Sovereign

Hard boiled Egg n Toast

Hard Boiled Egg n Toast - is "Sliding Doors" with no alternate versions; it's willed enchantment all the way.- Irish Daily Mail.

********** ****************


David Copperfield Charles Dickens

David Copperfield

The most beloved novel by Charles Dickens, translated to several languages and read by millions worldwide. You witness David Copperfield grow up come

A Renegade Angel Ionel Movila

A Renegade Angel

The book shoes the story of an angel who fallen in love with the girl hi was meant to protect, and the journey that the two have to travel when the gi

On being healthier happier and bipolar perspectives on renewal and recovery on Steve Raith

On being healthier, happier and bipolar: perspectives on renewal and recovery on

This is a short work about my personal experiences with mental illness in life as well as the long period of time I have spent working with youth whos

Mountain Fire Steve Raith

Mountain Fire

This is a play I wrote about a completely fictional Central American state which is never identified outright but rather it is a composite about what

Cantos de mi alma Steve Raith

Cantos de mi alma

This is a book of poetry written in Spanish that I wrote several years ago in an effort to practice and improve my Spanish language skills in writing

Jesus Love Steve Raith

Jesus' Love

This is a work I wrote to help introduce unbelievers to Jesus' message of love, forgiveness, grace and redemption. I have sought to explain many aspec

The brick wall imprinted in the rock Ionel Movila

The brick wall imprinted in the rock

the book is inspired by true events from my life starting year 2016 till 2022. The script can be found in online at amazon http

Unraveling Piltdown The Science Fraud of the Century and Its Solution Evangelist John Walsh

Unraveling Piltdown: The Science Fraud of the Century and Its Solution

Just for the record, this is what a science fraud looks like.

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Dumas on Food Alexandre Dumas

Dumas on Food

Alexandre Dumas is probably best known for his book, 'The Three Musketeers'. But he also wrote a rather extensive cookbook, 'Grand Dictionnaire de Cui

The Alchemist Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist

An Andalusian shepherd boy named Santiago dreams of a treasure while in a ruined church. He consults a Gypsy fortune-teller about the meaning of the r



I just like the whole lot of them if you want sexy this is it I would like him to write more books I would get them there is nothing better than hot s

Victory Joseph Conrad


Ask most readers if they have read any Conrad and they’re likely to respond with Heart of Darkness—the classic tale that inspired the acclaimed film A

Holy Bible king james version

Holy Bible

Bible - Nah I prefer the Torah

Gothic Roger Luckhurst


I love the book because I'm a Goth. And this book gives amazing details on the history of the Gothic culture and lifestyle.

Taking Up The Runes

This is a great "workbook" on using Elder Futhark Runes as Divination tools rather than simply an 'alphabet'. The author updated this book from her 'G

How to Write Fast While Writing Well David Fryxell

How to Write Fast (While Writing Well)

Are you struggling to write what’s inside you? Can’t seem to get any momentum going? Do you constantly find yourself up against deadlines and panick

Alchemy and kabbalah in the tarot The twenty two arcana that reveal the path back to Sparadise Samuel Aun Weor

Alchemy and kabbalah in the tarot. The twenty two arcana that reveal the path back to Sparadise

I am adult man of 47 .I am Autistic sovont. In the early 80s varey few doctors know what that means. As a child I was a behavioral problem I did not t

Dark of Night Marios Savva

Dark of Night

Suspense thriller. You can find it here:

The times we had Marion davies

The times we had

I love the 1920s and hearst castle no favorite chapter

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