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Welcome to the Books section. Below is a list of Books posted by members. Add your favorite books to your profile- by choosing a book below, or by posting a new one not already on the list. See which books members like, write reviews on books you've read, or read reviews & comments written by other members. Click here to post a book.

How to Write Fast While Writing Well David Fryxell

How to Write Fast (While Writing Well)

Are you struggling to write what’s inside you? Can’t seem to get any momentum going? Do you constantly find yourself up against deadlines and panick

A Cuddle for Little Duck Claire Freedman

A Cuddle for Little Duck

A Cuddle for Little Duck is a lovable picture book.  Toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy this book immensely.  It is a rhyming story, one that little

Hunger Games Suzanne Collins

Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is a novel that was written by Suzanne Collins and published in 2008 by Scholastic. Intended primarily for teens and other young adul

Pink Cupcake Magic Katherine Tegen

Pink Cupcake Magic

Pink Cupcake Magic by Katherine Tegen is a picture book about Zoe, a typical young girl who loves playing with her stuffed animals and dreaming of pri

Rich dad poor dad Robert T Kiyosaki

Rich dad poor dad

What the rich teach their kids about money that the poor and middle class do not.

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea is a classic science fiction novel by French writer Jules Verne published in 1870. It tells the story of Captain

Slaughterhouse Five

Billy Pilgrim has mysteriously become unstuck in time. He goes on an uncontrollable trip back and forth from his birth in New York to life on a distan

Fahnrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451, a dystopian novel about a future in which reading is illegal and firemen burn the remaining outlawed books.

Deep Secret Diana Wynne Jones

Deep Secret

All across the Multiverse, the Magids = powerful magicians - who are able to control the currents between the various parallel Worlds and whose job it

Tao Te Ching Lao Tzu

Tao Te Ching

This is one of the most spiritual books I have ever read. Reading it again and again I discover new things to thing about.

the master and margrita mikhael bulgakov

the master and margrita

Really worth of reading!!!

Jewish supremacism David Duke

Jewish supremacism

An eye opener. A must read. This book will profoundly shock you and it will open your eyes. And it will show you what is really happening in the world

Outlander Diana Gabaldon


Great historical fiction set in the 1940's and the 1700's in Scotland. I saw the first season as TV program so got the books. This is a series of Book

Deadly Seas.

Concerning W.W.II/1939-1945 Naval History, in regards to The Battle of the Atlantic-H.M.C.S. ST. CROIX, and U-305. Very interesting RE

Love in the time of Cholera Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Love in the time of Cholera

Gabriel Garcia Marquez narrates the various forms of love between human relationships: unrequited love, love in marriage, platonic love, anger-laden l

Unknown Unknown


Unknown zone

How Green Was My Valley

This is a story loosely based on the author's experience of childhood in a Welsh mining town. Authentic and moving, it paints a picture of close knit

Fifty Shades of Grey Cincuenta Sombras de E L James

Fifty Shades of Grey (Cincuenta Sombras de

Es una novela romántica y erotico . De esta novela se iso una película de la cual se hicieron tres partes.

Are you really my Mom Graham Longstaff

Are you really my Mom

Sci-Fictional Humour. Kindle.

Where Flamelillies Grow revised Graham Longstaff

Where Flamelillies Grow revised

Biographic Account. Original in print. Revised in Kindle.

When Memory Serves Graham Longstaff

When Memory Serves

Action Adventure. Kindle.

The Vial Graham Longstaff

The Vial

Thriller based on reality. Kindle.

When Clowns Travel Graham Longstaff

When Clowns Travel

Adult Humour. Kindle.

TOEFL IBT superpack Barrons

TOEFL IBT superpack

You really have to be ready to prepare your english tests before you are going to study in an english speaking country

Divine comedy Dante alighieri

Divine comedy

An alighieri ' s spiritual journey to hell and heaven by his poems

IELTS prep and practice Oxford university

IELTS prep and practice

Learning english is exciting

IELTS Collins publisher


Improve your academic english

TOEFL superpack Barrons

TOEFL superpack

Improve your academic english

IELTS Cambridge Cambridge university

IELTS - Cambridge

Let's improve our english academic writing / reading / listening / speaking comprehension

IELTS superpack Barrons

IELTS superpack

English vocabularies consist of 1.1 millions words , and 8.500 new words are added every year . These books are essential for students who want to st

IELTS Barrons

IELTS - Barrons

English vocabularies consist of 1.1 millions words , and 8.500 new words are added every year . These books are essential for students who want to st

Into The Wild Jon Krakauer

Into The Wild

they recently ran a story here in AK about a couple that was just rescued after being lost in the wilderness. they actually picked them up at the bus

Meaning of life Viktor Frankl

Meaning of life

I love this book, and I think everybody shoul read it. Viktor Frankl was a Jewish psychiatrist who was imprisoned for three years in Nazi concentratio

Sophies World Jostein Gaarder

Sophie's World

"Sophie's World" is a novel by Norwegian writer Jostein Gaarder. It follows Sophie Amundsen, a Norwegian teenager, who is introduced to the history of

Tom sawyer Mark twain

Tom sawyer

If you are the oldies ... You must know this book besides " the adventure of huckleberry finn " .

The 100 year old man who climbed out of the window Jonas Jonasson

The 100 year old man who climbed out of the window

A spectacular book you have to read

Media Control - The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda

Though a number of Noam Chomsky's ideas are sometimes too anarchistic for me, his enlightening written effort -- Media Control: The Spectacular Achiev

Fahrenheit 451 Ray Bradbury

Fahrenheit 451


Anneliese michel Fr Jose antonio fortea

Anneliese michel

A true story about a german girl who was possessed by demonic forces . This book will show you that devils are real

The trumpet of the swan EB white

The trumpet of the swan

Another EB white ' s book

Roald dahls books Roald dahl

Roald dahl's books

Roald dahl was a genius in creating imaginative children stories

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