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The New Life Orhan Pamuk

The New Life: Orhan Pamuk

The New Life (Yeni Hayat in Turkish) is a book by Turkish author Orhan Pamuk. It was originally published in 1994 and translated to English in 1998 by...

Unknown7350Sep 2011
Snow Orhan Pamuk

Snow: Orhan Pamuk

Snow is a novel by Turkish author Orhan Pamuk. It was published in Turkish in 2002 and in English (translated by Maureen Freely) in 2004. The story en...

Unknown8650Sep 2011
The Phantom Tollbooth Norton Juster

The Phantom Tollbooth: Norton Juster

it's fun, while teaching important lessons, like not to not think about where you're going, and using grammar correctly, or getting in trouble for not...

UriahXG7330Sep 2011
The Medium Next Door Adventures of a Real Life Ghost Whisperer Maureen Hancock

The Medium Next Door: Adventures of a Real-Life Ghost Whisperer: Maureen Hancock

I found this book very fascinating. Having had many experiences to a small degree myself, I can relate to some extent. I am no fan of the show "Ghost...

Unknown7460Sep 2011
the plague albert camus

the plague: albert camus

One of the best books I have ever read. There is so much to this book, I will read it again. Not an easy book by any means but a great insight into hu...

guardianvalley8530Sep 2011
ASU Magazine Christine K Wilkinson

ASU Magazine: Christine K. Wilkinson

Read about the most current advances. Pride in Arizona's heritage....

Unknown9280Sep 2011
Rediscovering Catholicism Mathew Kelly

Rediscovering Catholicism: Mathew Kelly

This book makes reference to some passages in the Bible for reflection....

Unknown1,2800Sep 2011
Bless Me Ultima Rudolph Anaya

Bless Me Ultima: Rudolph Anaya

A lot of mystery and suspense....

Unknown7690Sep 2011
Surviving Hitler Andrea Warren

Surviving Hitler: Andrea Warren

How the kews were powerless to stand up to Hitler....

Unknown8770Sep 2011
Facing Codependence Pia

Facing Codependence: Pia

Piano addresses family issues. It also helps your role and how to cope with your situation....

Unknown1,7480Sep 2011
The Child Called It David Pretzler

The Child Called It: David Pretzler

Pretzler retells his childhood asthonishing experiences with her alcoholic mother and his coward father....

Unknown2,7730Sep 2011
If I die in Juarez Bishop

If I die in Juarez: Bishop

Bishop is air on channel 11 discussing the issues concerning young women from Juarez....

Unknown1,7700Sep 2011
The other end of time Frederik Pohl

The other end of time: Frederik Pohl

I just noticed Greg Bear (who ever he is) says about the book,"its the thinking persons INDEPENDENCE DAY",I think the story line is so much better the...

lipsee9661Sep 2011Sep 2011
Womans Day womans day

Woman's Day: womans day

cooking,cleaning,health,and beauty. ya know woman stuff....

Unknown1,7270Sep 2011
health magazine health

health magazine: health

keeps me informed...

Unknown7970Sep 2011
The skinnygirl dish Betheny Frankel

The skinnygirl dish: Betheny Frankel

healthy recipes and low cal drink recipes...

Unknown1,7270Sep 2011
Ibn al Haytham First Scientist Bradley Steffens

Ibn al-Haytham: First Scientist: Bradley Steffens

Tells the amazing true story of a medieval Islamic scholar who developed the scientific method centuries before the Europeans learned of it--by readin...

macheath9400Sep 2011
Wicked Gregory Maguire

Wicked: Gregory Maguire

Wicked is a book that questions tolerance. Should we respect and treat kindly those who are unique, should we not tolerate someone with whom you canno...

Abagail1,1620Sep 2011
Unknown8930Sep 2011
Unknown7770Sep 2011
Unknown7700Sep 2011
Mother Maxim Gorkey

Mother: Maxim Gorkey

i like this because it is about revolution of society...

Unknown8590Sep 2011
Unknown7320Sep 2011
Unknown7520Sep 2011
Unknown6750Sep 2011
Unknown9440Sep 2011
Unknown6860Sep 2011
Unknown7420Sep 2011
Unknown7120Sep 2011
Unknown8070Sep 2011
Unknown6480Sep 2011
Unknown6670Sep 2011
Unknown6510Sep 2011
Unknown1,1470Sep 2011
Unknown6170Sep 2011
Unknown6710Sep 2011
Unknown5760Sep 2011
Unknown5800Sep 2011
Unknown6330Sep 2011
Unknown6130Sep 2011
Unknown5620Sep 2011
Unknown6690Sep 2011

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