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Reading Goal ETC

Reading Goal: ETC.

How many books did you finish this year? I was able to finish 160 books in 2023....

Unknown1290Jan 2Jan 2
The True Believer Dies In The Dream Of The Unborn Butterfly Michael Deerfield

The True Believer Dies In The Dream Of The Unborn Butterfly.: Michael Deerfield

My name is James Haffner, and I began my sixty-sixth birthday by visiting my bucket and mop, my work colleague is the metal type on wheels. This is wh...

acolytes2250Nov 8Nov 15
Dream Of The Unborn Butterfly Michael Deerfield

Dream Of The Unborn Butterfly: Michael Deerfield

Dream Of The Unborn Butterfly. My life began when I surrendered my soul to nature, the way falling leaves surrender to the wind.This is when I bui...

acolytes4591Oct 16Oct 22Oct 16
The Pen Michael Deerfield

The Pen: Michael Deerfield

The Pen. This is the story of a Saturday morning in Birmingham City Centre, which was just a little bit more unusual than my usual Saturday morning...

acolytes2750Oct 17Oct 22
livelife12342780Jul 2023Aug 2023

Lost on the battlefield: Ionel Movila

The end of the world has begun and the fight betwen good and evil has started. But the key to saving the univers or destroing it, lies in the hand's o...

yonik19882360Jul 2023Jul 2023
Hard boiled Egg n Toast Criostior Sovereign

Hard boiled Egg n Toast: Criostior Sovereign

Hard Boiled Egg n Toast - is "Sliding Doors" with no alternate versions; it's willed enchantment all the way.- Irish Daily Mail....

livelife12343150Jun 2023Jul 2023

David Copperfield: Charles Dickens

The most beloved novel by Charles Dickens, translated to several languages and read by millions worldwide. You witness David Copperfield grow up come...

Jefke592510Jun 2023Jun 2023
Jesus Love Steve Raith

Jesus' Love: Steve Raith

This is a work I wrote to help introduce unbelievers to Jesus' message of love, forgiveness, grace and redemption. I have sought to explain many aspec...

sraith2120May 2023May 2023

The brick wall imprinted in the rock: Ionel Movila

the book is inspired by true events from my life starting year 2016 till 2022. The script can be found in online at amazon http...

yonik19886373Nov 2022May 2023Nov 2022

A Renegade Angel: Ionel Movila

The book shoes the story of an angel who fallen in love with the girl hi was meant to protect, and the journey that the two have to travel when the gi...

yonik19885594May 2023May 2023May 2023

Taking Up The Runes: Diana Paxon

This is a great "workbook" on using Elder Futhark Runes as Divination tools rather than simply an 'alphabet'. The author updated this book from her 'G...

WilleyGHorses1860Feb 2023Feb 2023

The girl in the Fog: Donato Carissi

In my opinion This is a remarkable ,crime book, if you are working in the Legal profession or graduate Criminal law then this book will be interesting...

whitelily13480Sep 2022Sep 2022
Brujeria Pilipinas Spells Rituals for Complementary Healing Regina Cielis Art Shop

Brujeria Pilipinas Spells & Rituals for Complementary Healing: Regina Cieli's Art Shop

A magic book of spells and rituals by Brujeria Pilipinas(not included in the blog) for complementary healing within the past 3yrs of effective practic...

satoraxismundi3490Jul 2022Jul 2022
Jumble and the Lost Toys David Chandler

Jumble and the Lost Toys: David Chandler

When Jumble wakes up, he finds himself in a strange house being looked after by a little old lady. She tells him that he had been found in the park...

Illu662800Jun 2022Jun 2022
Universal Human Gary Zukav

Universal Human: Gary Zukav

A new way of thinking about life and a new way of being -- with a focus on harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for life....

EllieJewel3920Jun 2022Jun 2022
Personal Development Wealth Success and Happiness Mackenzy Joseph

Personal Development Wealth, Success and Happiness.: Mackenzy Joseph

¨Personal Development of Wealth, Success, and Happiness.¨ is a motivational book created especially for those who desire to accumulate wealth and live...

babyme74350Mar 2022Mar 2022

The Wandering Souls: Ionel Movila & Lacramiara Simici

The story of a young boy named Ethan who believes that hi is reincarnated, but hi does not remember much of his previous life and so his wish is to f...

yonik19888902Jan 2022Feb 2022Jan 2022

Media Control - The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda: Noam Chomsky

Though a number of Noam Chomsky's ideas are sometimes too anarchistic for me, his enlightening written effort -- Media Control: The Spectacular Achiev...

notofthistime1,2122Nov 2018Dec 2021Aug 2021
Unknown Unknown

Unknown: Unknown

Unknown zone...

Sommai26473Aug 2021Sep 2021Sep 2021
Where Flamelillies Grow revised Graham Longstaff

Where Flamelillies Grow revised: Graham Longstaff

Biographic Account. Original in print. Revised in Kindle....

Puffin143940Sep 2021Sep 2021
The Vial Graham Longstaff

The Vial: Graham Longstaff

Thriller based on reality. Kindle....

Puffin144040Sep 2021Sep 2021
When Memory Serves Graham Longstaff

When Memory Serves: Graham Longstaff

Action Adventure. Kindle....

Puffin143400Sep 2021Sep 2021
Are you really my Mom Graham Longstaff

Are you really my Mom: Graham Longstaff

Sci-Fictional Humour. Kindle....

Puffin146661Sep 2021Sep 2021Sep 2021
Divine comedy Dante alighieri

Divine comedy: Dante alighieri

An alighieri ' s spiritual journey to hell and heaven by his poems...

Unknown2400Aug 2021Sep 2021
TOEFL superpack Barrons

TOEFL superpack: Barrons

Improve your academic english...

Unknown3020Aug 2021Aug 2021
IELTS Collins publisher

IELTS: Collins publisher

Improve your academic english...

Unknown2430Aug 2021Aug 2021
IELTS prep and practice Oxford university

IELTS prep and practice: Oxford university

Learning english is exciting...

Unknown2770Aug 2021Aug 2021
IELTS superpack Barrons

IELTS superpack: Barrons

English vocabularies consist of 1.1 millions words , and 8.500 new words are added every year . These books are essential for students who want to st...

Unknown2930Aug 2021Aug 2021
IELTS Cambridge Cambridge university

IELTS - Cambridge: Cambridge university

Let's improve our english academic writing / reading / listening / speaking comprehension...

Unknown2460Aug 2021Aug 2021
Anneliese michel Fr Jose antonio fortea

Anneliese michel: Fr. Jose antonio fortea

A true story about a german girl who was possessed by demonic forces . This book will show you that devils are real...

Unknown4040Jul 2021Jul 2021
The wind in the willows Kenneth grahame

The wind in the willows: Kenneth grahame

Classic books are the best...

Unknown2400Jul 2021Jul 2021
A chid called it Dave pelzer

A chid called " it": Dave pelzer

An autobiography about a boy who survived from his cruel mother...

Unknown2520Jul 2021Jul 2021

Love in the time of Cholera: Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Gabriel Garcia Marquez narrates the various forms of love between human relationships: unrequited love, love in marriage, platonic love, anger-laden l...

whitelily19372Jun 2021Jun 2021Sep 2021


LOVING FREEDOM! Available as an e-book on Amazon—Kindle, Barnes & Noble—NOOK, and Google. The true story of a 9-year old sent to a communist labor...

cuddledude5071Apr 2021Apr 2021Apr 2021
Buddenbrooks Thomas Mann

Buddenbrooks: Thomas Mann

Buddenbrooks is the first work of one of the most important German writers, Thomas Mann, masterfully initiating his literary career. The story is b...

Philosophos9290Feb 2019Feb 2021
The New Life Dante Alighieri

The New Life: Dante Alighieri

Being a classic work of the famous Florentine poet, La vita nuova is one of the great innovations of the Renaissance Age, a kind of "milestone"...

Philosophos9460Dec 2018Feb 2021
The Island of the Day Before Umberto Eco

The Island of the Day Before: Umberto Eco

In this story, the Italian intellectual Umberto Eco narrates the adventures of a castaway in the seventeenth century, when a nobleman reaches "the lim...

Philosophos1,0070Oct 2018Feb 2021
The Iliad Homer

The Iliad: Homer

After the Christian Bible, Homer's Iliad was the second most read work in the world, being part of the universal tradition. The aoidói - a kin...

Philosophos8830Aug 2018Feb 2021
The Silmarillion J R R Tolkien

The Silmarillion: J. R. R. Tolkien

This is a book primarily for those who like the works of J. R. R. Tolkien about The Middle-Earth: it offers a detailed context that precedes th...

Philosophos9600Aug 2018Feb 2021
Hannibal Mirko Jelusich

Hannibal: Mirko Jelusich

Hannibal is a historical (and also biographical) novel of the great general, by the important Austrian writer Mirko Jelusich. The writer chronicles...

Philosophos1,3322Jul 2018Feb 2021May 2021
The Roman Mika Waltari

The Roman: Mika Waltari

This one is a classic work of Mika Waltari, a renowed Finnish writer: The Roman is about the life of a character who describes detailed its typical [i...

Philosophos1,0730Jul 2018Feb 2021

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