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The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists Robert Tressell

The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists: Robert Tressell

The Ragged-Trousered Philanthropists (1914) is a semi-biographical novel by the Irish writer Robert Tressell, published after his death from tuberculo...

Brexit01460Jan 13just now
Black Beauty Anna Sewell

Black Beauty: Anna Sewell

Black Beauty is the first real book, I ever read. My Mom bought it for me, when I was 5 years old and I started trying to read it. I would take the...

Cloudfreetoday660Jan 1just now
The Biology of Belief Unleashing the Power of Consciousness Matter Miracles Bruce H Lipton Ph D

The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, & Miracles: Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D.

This is an amazing book by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.. He is a cell biologist that started off as an atheist and found God through science and the study of o...

Unknown6900Jul 20093 mins agoJul 2009
El amor en tiempos de clera Gabriel Garca Mrquez

El amor en tiempos de cólera: Gabriel García Márquez

without a doubt the best book I have read in my life ... (Love in the time of Cholera)...

LonelyMontse081,2890Jul 20117 mins ago
To Kill A Mocking Bird Harper Lee

To Kill A Mocking Bird: Harper Lee

Brilliant book, have read several times, and every time I spot the movie on TV I watch again....

RubyTuesday12,7647Jul 20099 mins agoDec 3
The QI Book of General Ignorance Pocket Edition John Lloyd and John Mitchinson

The QI Book of General Ignorance (Pocket Edition): John Lloyd and John Mitchinson

If you have read this book and watched QI on television, you probably recognized a few of the questions from the programme. However, in the programme...

Unknown1,4380Sep 201110 mins ago
living beyond your feeling joyce meyer

living beyond your feeling: joyce meyer

This is a very nice book. It lets us know we can control our feelings and not the other way around...

Unknown1,0420Aug 201245 mins ago
Watchers Dean Koontz

Watchers: Dean Koontz

Fantastic book, terrible movie...

JenJen7779730Feb 20141 hrs ago
Weekend Daddy Chris Southwood

Weekend Daddy: Chris Southwood

For many fathers going through divorce or separation the first time his children come to 'spend time with Daddy' is probably the first time he has had...

ChrisJWood2900Sep 20171 hrs ago
the Cassandra Compact Robert Ludlum

the Cassandra Compact: Robert Ludlum

Following "The Hades Factor" and "The Prometheus Deception, " this novel continues the best-selling Covert-One series. Covert-One operative Jon Smith...

Unknown6670Jul 20091 hrs agoJul 2009
Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway Susan Jeffers

Feel the Fear . . . and Do It Anyway: Susan Jeffers

Wonderful read....great motivational book....

shortybob1,0890Oct 20111 hrs ago
Unknown8610Sep 20111 hrs ago
Unknown5550Aug 20142 hrs ago
The Twilight Saga Collection Stephenie Meyer

The Twilight Saga Collection: Stephenie Meyer

These are amazing! Anyone who has read the first should read what Stephenie wrote of Midnight Sun at

Unknown1,0394Jun 20092 hrs agoJun 2009
The Stone and the Flute Hans Bemmann

The Stone and the Flute: Hans-Bemmann

This is a book that confirms the maxim "Sometimes the journey is more important than the destination". When I finished this book I kind of felt "is th...

Unknown1,3690Oct 20102 hrs agoOct 2010
Peterson Field Guide to Mammals of North America Fourth Edition Fiona Ried

Peterson Field Guide to Mammals of North America: Fourth Edition: Fiona Ried

This book has been quite handy, especially here lately while I have been trying to identify some small mammal teeth....

fieldworking1,5170Jul 20122 hrs ago
Love in the Time of Cholera Gabriel Garca Mrquez

Love in the Time of Cholera: Gabriel García Márquez

....."Think of love as a state of grace; not the means to anything but the alpha and omega, an end in itself."...

Fiammifero572Mar 82 hrs agoMar 8
The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy J R R Tolkien

The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy: J.R.R Tolkien

'Arwen' where did it go, *to complete the sentence......

TeaMiserMeisterT1,0461Dec 20152 hrs agoDec 2015
The Sun Also Rises Ernest Hemingway

The Sun Also Rises: Ernest Hemingway

Just something so good.......

MrsMilano8760Jan 20102 hrs agoJan 2010
February Selected Poetry Of Boris Pasternak Boris Pasternak

February: Selected Poetry Of Boris Pasternak: Boris Pasternak

Not to my taste but a wise man who could truly write....

Nikosz101,5972Jan 20142 hrs agoJan 2017
Three Men in a Boat to say nothing of the dog Jerome K Jerome

Three Men in a Boat (to say nothing of the dog): Jerome K. Jerome

I must have read this a dozen times, yet each time I discover something new; an anecdote I'd forgotten or a new perspective on the human condition tha...

Grumpywriter7950Feb 20172 hrs ago
the name of the wind patrick rothfus

the name of the wind: patrick rothfus

amazing book and by far one of the best i ever read! recommend to all. its not a book id normaly read but i did and it was great....

Unknown9390Jan 20122 hrs ago
Stiff The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers Mary Roach

Stiff, The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers: Mary Roach

I found it interesting, educational and funny....

Unknown8360Mar 20152 hrs ago
Something from the Nightside Nightside Book 1 Simon R Green

Something from the Nightside (Nightside, Book 1): Simon R Green

This book keeps you on your feet from the very beginnning to the end. The type of person who will like this book are the ones who love scifi...

Unknown8460Feb 20133 hrs ago
Weaveworld Clive Barker

Weaveworld: Clive Barker

It's weird, obscure... nothing like you expect, yet everything you expect; typical Clive Barker, you'll like this one....

sleepin_bird1,0192Nov 20113 hrs agoNov 2011
Angel Fire East Terry Brooks

Angel Fire East: Terry Brooks

Since I started college I've had to read a lot of technical books on IT, so I decided that it would be nicier to start reading books with out the tech...

Unknown1,0360Mar 20113 hrs ago
SOULMATE SHOPPING 25 Place Youll Find Love on Monday Morning Osim Joseph

SOULMATE SHOPPING - 25 Place You'll Find Love on Monday Morning: Osim Joseph

If you want to find real and authentic love, this book is a must read. You'll thank me later....

Belove01820Dec 23 hrs ago
Martha Quest Doris Lessing

Martha Quest: Doris Lessing

I've read it many times. It's the first in her "Children of Violence" sequence, largely autobiographical. Set in pre-war, North Rhodesia....

Unknown6760Feb 20123 hrs ago
Wuthering Heights Emily Bronte

Wuthering Heights: Emily Bronte

This book simply put is all about a love that goes beyond death. It is extremely passionate and dark. My favorite line is when Cathy tells Nelly, "I a...

Unknown1,0390Apr 20113 hrs ago
The Power of Focus Jack Canfield Mark Hanson Les Hewitt

The Power of Focus: Jack Canfield, Mark Hanson, Les Hewitt

I must say good choice,anything that teaches a proper vision is the way 2 go.Kind of reminded me of the books by Og Mandingo's books a little,the grea...

Unknown1,9441Aug 20094 hrs agoOct 2009
The Holy Bible God

The Holy Bible: God

I enjoy reading because it feeds my spirit, keeps me close to God and on the right path....

Mrtrueblue4790Nov 20164 hrs ago
the leader in you Dale carnegie

the leader in you: Dale carnegie

One of The best books that attracts everyone at any age...

Anie005000Oct 20164 hrs ago

The Iliad: Homer

After the Christian Bible, Homer's Iliad was the second most read work in the world, being part of the universal tradition. The aoidói - a kin...

Philosophos2180Aug 64 hrs ago
Bible God

Bible: God

Love reading other people's faith in the word of God....

Tmac48350Feb 154 hrs ago
Relentless Dean Koontz

Relentless: Dean Koontz

i read this book it is a good book and I love Deant Koontz.. but i was dissapointed with the ending.....

Unknown9651Jun 20104 hrs agoJun 2010
LonelyMontse081,2630Jul 20114 hrs ago
Ibn al Haytham First Scientist Bradley Steffens

Ibn al-Haytham: First Scientist: Bradley Steffens

Tells the amazing true story of a medieval Islamic scholar who developed the scientific method centuries before the Europeans learned of it--by readin...

macheath9090Sep 20114 hrs ago
Dune Frank Herbert

Dune: Frank Herbert

One of the all time greats...

Unknown6820Feb 20104 hrs agoFeb 2010
Cosmos Witold Gombrowicz and Danuta Borchardt

Cosmos: Witold Gombrowicz and Danuta Borchardt

Oh, Gombrowicz was a Polish writer and I'm a Pole, studied Polish literature in a primary as well as secondary school but they never told us that he w...

Unknown1,2181Apr 20094 hrs agoJun 2009
Under The Dome Stephen King

Under The Dome: Stephen King

This is an awesome book - I'm nearing the end of it myself at the moment and its had me utterly engrossed the whole time - I can't put it down it seem...

Unknown1,1761May 20105 hrs agoDec 2010
Ghost Of The Titanic John Ginesi

Ghost Of The Titanic: John Ginesi

I liked "The Ghost Of The Titanic", probably because I wrote it though it is a very interesting story it has history, science fiction and an awe inspi...

john17021984400Jan 195 hrs ago
abomindqble Dan Simmons

abomindqble: Dan Simmons

After reading this, you could climb Everest....

Unknown5970Sep 20145 hrs ago
Alex7: "I Heard The Bells ... "(meet us in the ecards)

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