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Tied To Deception Patricia Goodman Book

Tied To Deception

Goodman is a rising new must read Author, her style puts you in the novel, a different and pleasing change. Storyline is slow as she reintroduces the...

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The Alchemist Paulo Coelho Book

The Alchemist

I absolutely LOVED this book! One of the best books of all time in my opinion!!!...

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Fifty Shades of Gray E L James Book

Fifty Shades of Gray

Great books, a must read....

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The Law of Attraction esther and jerry hicks Book

The Law of Attraction

this is a book that woke me up to who i really am....

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The Third Wave Alvin Toffler Book

The Third Wave

I read A. Toffler since time ago. His books are of socio-scientific content, warning us about the incoming changes (some of them already on place) on...

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The Game of Life and How to Play It Florence Scovel Shinn Book

The Game of Life and How to Play It

This book affirms that life is not a battle but a game. The writings are very inspiring and remind us of the power of the spoken word....

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Conversations with God an uncommon dialogue Neale Donald Walsch Book

Conversations with God - an uncommon dialogue

This book mezmerised me. I have read it 5 times since Dec 2012. I had always believed in a higher consciousness of one sort or another. But was not a...

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The Diary of a Young Girl Anne Frank Book

The Diary of a Young Girl

it is really good.....

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The Trilogy 50 Shades of Gray 50 Shades Darker 50 Shades FREED E L James Book

The Trilogy 50 Shades of Gray, 50 Shades Darker, 50 Shades FREED

Tthis trilogy (50 Shades of Gray, 50 Shades Darker and 50 Shades Freed) is about a very, very troubled young man. The author, E.L. James, couod have w...

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Safe Haven Nicholas Sparks Book

Safe Haven

I just seen this movie, now time to read the book. But the movie might not be as great as the book! The Movie, was good. This book might be a tad b...

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Searching For Lydia BH Arias Book

Searching For Lydia

Of course, I think this short story is a five star story. It is a story of one man's interpretation of his love affair with a ghost and how he tries t...

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blackdagger brotherhood series J R Ward Book

blackdagger brotherhood series

Awesome series I have read the whole series and would again You should try Dark Series by Christine Feehan another vampire series that is awesome....

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Einsteins Dreams Alan Lightman Book

Einstein's Dreams

Inspirational books...

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7 Impossible Days visio nova Book

7 Impossible Days

I wrote this book everyday faithfully for 4 years, in spare to tight office hour. It helps me balanced my mind n keeps me unstressed :-)...

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The Meeting Road El Camino del Encuentro Jorge Bucay Book

The Meeting Road (El Camino del Encuentro)

My first book I have read after I got divorce and it's help me to see where was my self-esteem.......

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El Amor Inteligente Enrique Rojas Book

El Amor Inteligente

If there would be any formal preparation for marriage, like a seminar or even a career, this book would be an essential asignature, maybe the most imp...

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Men Are from Mars Women Are from Venus A Practical Guide for Improving Communication and Getting John Gray Book

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus : A Practical Guide for Improving Communication and Getting

I enjoyed this book very much as it gave you a comparison and a guideline in being able to tell the difference between men and women apart from the ob...

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Angels and Demons Dan Brown Book

Angels and Demons

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I read this book before the movie came out after I had read The Davinci Code. I said that if they ever made a movie...

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DaVinci Code Dan Brown Book

DaVinci Code

I have read this book of Dan Brown's and all of his books. I am looking forward to reading his newest book 'Inferno' which I have pre-ordered through...

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A million little pieces James Frey Book

A million little pieces

the best book i ever read, even with all the controvesy that surrounded it...

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Something from the Nightside Nightside Book 1 Simon R Green Book

Something from the Nightside (Nightside, Book 1)

This book keeps you on your feet from the very beginnning to the end. The type of person who will like this book are the ones who love scifi...

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The Rule of Four Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomasson Book

The Rule of Four

One of my favorite! Intriguing!...

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The Corrections jonathan frantzen Book

The Corrections

An eyeopener on family life!...

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The Alchemist Paulo Coelho Book

The Alchemist

No comment cuz have a magical life in this book :)...

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Pulse A Jack Sigler Thriller Jeremy Robinson Book

Pulse (A Jack Sigler Thriller)

This was the first ever adventure/thriller novel I had ever read and just fell in love with the author and his style of writing! Do you like advent...

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Jane Eyre Charlotte Bront Book

Jane Eyre

Charlotte Brontë is my go-to gal when I need a good cry. Her gothic melancholy mood is at once passionate and restrained....

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The CompanionsThe Sunderings newest release 8 2013 R A Salvatore Book

The Companions;The Sunderings newest release 8/ 2013

sorry it had great review but i am on a waiting list....

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Dissolution Forgotten RealmsSpider Queen R A Salvatore Book

Dissolution Forgotten Realms:Spider Queen

over 40 books,and 2 new ones released 2013!another writer who's stories would make fascinating movies. The War of the Spider Queen begins here. W...

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Authorized Ender Companion Jake Black Book

Authorized Ender Companion

Amazon's Review. The Authorized Ender Companion is a complete and in-depth encyclopedia of all the persons, places, things and events in Orson Scott...

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Enders Game Orson Scott Card Book

Enders Game

I read this in Highschool. There are a lot of ways you can connect to this book. I connected as the outcast kid who didn't get any help from the aut...

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Small Gods Terry Pratchett Book

Small Gods

The Great God Om has found that the rituals of worship have continued on. Everybody has His name on their lips. The law is devoted to him. Yet, nob...

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The Innocent David Baldacci Book

The Innocent

My currant read and very good as always with Baldacci....

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emotional intelligence daniel gleman Book

emotional intelligence

Sounds good, might read it! Brad...

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Malice Danielle Steel Book


A good read....

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you will find this book very interesting....

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Seven Arrows hyemeyohsts storm Book

Seven Arrows

beautiful place to start understanding earth,native americans...

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big horn medicine wheel jay ransom Book

big horn medicine wheel

PART I: THE MEDICINE WHEEL CONFIGURATION The Aztec-Tanoans Design of the Medicine Wheel The Central "Hub" Cairn The Wheel's Rim The Wheel's F...

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watsu harold dull and co authors his original is out of print Book


not familiar with this reprinting and alternative treatments....

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vegetarian epicure anna Book

vegetarian epicure

your basics a-z...

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further dimensions of healing addictions donna cunningham AND andrew ramer Book

further dimensions of healing addictions

my apologies for omitting andrew ramer as co-author on the other volume AGAIN- A 10 STAR BOOK This is one of the few books available that fo...

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spiritual dimensions of healing addictionsa must read donna cunningham Book

spiritual dimensions of healing addictions(a must read)

10 stars!!excellent but hard to find book...

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jitterbug perfume tom robbins Book

jitterbug perfume

every book is humorous and unique...

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"7 Dating Myths You Should IGNORE"(meet us in the articles)

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