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The Name of the Wind Patrick Rothfuss Book

The Name of the Wind

Great fantasy series...

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Outlander series Diana Gabaldon Book

Outlander (series)

Love the whole series...

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Perfume Patrick Suskind Book


A favourite since my early teens...

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Genghis Khan John Man Book

Genghis Khan

""""Ok...its not entirely accurate to go with the western version of this individual. """"" okok this book may not be ENTIRELY accurate,but say if he...

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In The Shadow Of Man Jane Goodall Book

In The Shadow Of Man

Such an inspiring book by an inspiring women who has worked so hard for our embattled planet...

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plague of doves louise erdrich Book

plague of doves

another outstanding book...

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Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen Book

Pride and Prejudice

Mary thought so, too :)...

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Sacrament Clive Barker Book


Clearly the author is Bonkers,,,but still this is a really absorbing read,,its a "can,t put the book down"kind of book,,I read some comments on Amazo...

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The Power of Myth

I've loved all of Campbell's work, though I think this is my least favorite. Anyone who enjoyed this one should check out The Hero with a Thousand Fa...

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The Stand Stephen King Book

The Stand

What makes us love a book? I think that sometimes it's the "when" a book finds you that matters most. I must have been about 11 y/o when someone gave...

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A Monstrous Regimen Of Women Laurie R King Book

A Monstrous Regimen Of Women

I recently found this author and I am totally enthralled....

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Introduction to Quality Assurance Avedis Donabedian Book

Introduction to Quality Assurance

A helpful guide for quality assurance...

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Jose Rizal Gregorio Zaide Book

Jose Rizal

A look of the life (aspects) of our national hero....

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Martha Quest Doris Lessing Book

Martha Quest

I've read it many times. It's the first in her "Children of Violence" sequence, largely autobiographical. Set in pre-war, North Rhodesia....

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Poetic Pictures A soul exposed Jay Hickey Book

Poetic Pictures - A soul exposed

A Soul Exposed is a compilation of poems that come from the heart and mind of a curious man looking out at the world that surrounds him. Poems of Lov...

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The coldest winter ever Sister souljua Book

The coldest winter ever

Greaat book...

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The Enigma of Arrival V S Naipaul Book

The Enigma of Arrival

A book to be savoured and read slowly....

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Lost Souls Poppy Z Bright Book

Lost Souls

Super good book if you like Vampire stories...

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alvin maker seriesseventh son book 1 orson scott card Book

alvin maker series;seventh son book 1

in regards to a photo of book being added later-the category originally posted IS FICTION** NOT GAY AND LESBIAN**tried editting my apologies...

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forgotten realms seriesdrizzt R A Salvatore Book

forgotten realms series:drizzt

a superior writer,with poetry excerpts inclusive in his narratives by drizzt.(and his black panther)this series runs the full gamut of orcs,faeries,og...

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enders game orson scott card Book

ender's game

a compelling series of children removed from their parents,divided and raised on a training space station because of their IQ;it continues in a series...

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indian larrychopper shaman dave nichols Book

indian larry;chopper shaman

recommend it and although i haven't read it the personal history is compelling...

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The Barbarians Nina Syme Book

The Barbarians

As a relative newcomer to this country i found the history of this country to be not what is the total truth. this place is not all sun sea and surf....

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The Clockwork Three Mathew J Kirby Book

The Clockwork Three

Very good book, and relatively cheap on amazon...

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The Noble Dead Series by Barb J C Hendee Book

The Noble Dead Series

Magiere the dhampir and Leesil the half-elf embark on a quest to uncover the secrets of their mysterious origins- Great read for escape from day to...

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tales of burning love louise erdrich Book

tales of burning love

it is hilarious and overlaps very cleverly several tales of women in love and their demise.....

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early one morning robert ryan Book

early one morning

loved it, read it over n over again. Just seein da book makes me wanna b able to read it right now ha...

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Beowulf Seamus Heaney Book


I first read Beowulf when I was in High School. This version...

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My Fairy Princess Palace Maggie Bateson Book

My Fairy Princess Palace

Cool... check it out opened..[...

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Staked J F Lewis Book


This is a vampire book. He owns a strip club in Void City....

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Dekada 70 Lualhati Bautista Book

Dekada 70

It is a masterpiece as it has the power to open the reader's consciousness and inspire changes to solve the ills of society....

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Gapo Lualhati Bautista Book


In a well-written work of fiction, Lualhati Bautista captures the differing opinions that have held sway in the Philippines regarding the US military...

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Bata Bata Paano ka Ginawa Lualhati Bautista Book

Bata, Bata, Paano ka Ginawa

...Hanggang sa ang bata ay hindi na bata kundi ama, o ina. Ano ang ituuro niya ngayon sa kanyang mga anak? Lahat ng dapat niyang matutuhan ngayon pa l...

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My Other Self Angela Lewis PhD Book

My Other Self

This book starts out with a memorable quote- "Any ladle's sweet that dishes out some gravy" It explores s*xual fantasies, fetishes and kinks......

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The Secret Rhonda Bryne Book

The Secret

a book for idiots...

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Harry Potter J K Rowling Book

Harry Potter

love harry, ron and hermione's adventures...

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The Lord of The Rings J R R Tolkien Book

The Lord of The Rings

love the book and the movie as well...

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the name of the wind patrick rothfus Book

the name of the wind

amazing book and by far one of the best i ever read! recommend to all. its not a book id normaly read but i did and it was great....

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Playing for Pizza John Grisham Book

Playing for Pizza

its probably an airport book,but no worse for that,,a good read in my opinion.......

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Childhoods End arthur c clarke Book

Childhood's End

I,v just read "Rendezvous with Rama" by the same author,,,I also looked at the reviews for this novel on Amazon..I like what I read and will lookout f...

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Kronk Emund Cooper Book


A very inventive story of a virus causing peace and love, which is spread as a highly infectious sexually transmitted "disease". This must have really...

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Date Like A Guru Josiah C Samuel Book

Date Like A Guru

Have you thought about the success of hooking up serious love relationship online? Aren’t you fed up with losers in Clubs and Bars? Are you uncerta...

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