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My people is the enemy William Stringfellow Book

My people is the enemy

No one comes close to Stringfellow...

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How to read Lacan Slavoj Zizek Book

How to read Lacan

Breaks down psychoanalysis for the beginner in a way only Zizek can....

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Apocalypse now Giulia Baso Book

Apocalypse now

Read this first then wacth the movie :>...

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Between the Plums Janet Evanovich Book

Between the Plums

If you want to spend a nice time with your book, read this one....

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Metaphysical Bible Dictionary Charles Fillmore Book

Metaphysical Bible Dictionary

Whoa. There is no turning back after opening to the truth....

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The Active Enzyme Lemon Freshened Junior High School Witch E W Hildick Book

The Active Enzyme Lemon-Freshened Junior High School Witch

Pre-teen memories...this one enchanted me in ways that "Harriet the Spy" never could....

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The power of your subconscious mind Dr Joseph Murphy Book

The power of your subconscious mind

Would be quite a different world if this book was provided, free of charge, to every newborn ('s parents, I guess) on all continents. I first fou...

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Shes Come Undone Wally Lamb Book

She's Come Undone

I am 70 years old and have read many books in my life but I have to say, this is the best and most fulfilling book I have ever read. It's about a gir...

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The Hellbound Heart A Novel Clive Barker Book

The Hellbound Heart: A Novel

Clive had what it took and now he's a wash-out, HP Lovecraft forever !...

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Feeling is the Secret Nevell Goddard Book

Feeling is the Secret

Haven't read it but anything on that subject goes on "to read" list. Thanks...

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Rules of the Direction of Mind Ren Descartes Book

Rules of the Direction of Mind

Now that sounds just the sort of book I would love. Haven't read it but will definitely put it on my list of books to buy. Thanks. I'm onl...

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Eleven Minutes Paulo Coelho Book

Eleven Minutes

Love it as all of his other books...

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The Godfather Mario Puzo Book

The Godfather

It is the best of Mario....

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House of seven gables Hawthorne Book

House of seven gables

Truly one of the most eerie pieces of American literature....

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Assassination Anxiety McKenzie Files Book 2 Barry K Nelson Book

Assassination Anxiety. McKenzie Files Book 2.

Assassination Anxiety. McKenzie Files Book 2. Assassination Anxiety Reploids, Colin McKenzie, Diane Christy, and Kelly Lytton return in an all new ad...

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McKenzie Files Barry K Nelson Book

McKenzie Files

McKenzie Files. Book 1 The first book in the series introduces Colin McKenzie, Diane Christy, and Kelly Lytton. Genetically engineered human weapons...

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Clive Barkers Hellraiser Vol 1 Clive Barker Book

Clive Barker's Hellraiser Vol. 1

Keeps you on the edge of your car...

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Jaws Peter Benchley Book


read this in middle school. made a real impact on me and the way I still look at the ocean. one of my favorite movies too....

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ines of my soul Isabella Allende Book

ines of my soul

I love to reads books that relate to a real historical event. Isabella Allende is one of my favorite authors she is able to tell a story and a the sam...

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The Last Don Mario Puzo Book

The Last Don

This Book Is Number 1...

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BATTLE ROYAL Koushun Takami Book



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The Dictionary of Classical Mythology John Edward Zimmerman Book

The Dictionary of Classical Mythology

As the title says, those interested to learn about classical myths, can find it very useful....

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The Terrible Power of a Minor Guilt A B Yehoshua Ora Cummings Book

The Terrible Power of a Minor Guilt

Esseys about literature in its connection with morality. Very good for those who percieve literature from its philosophic point of view....

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The Romance Collection Leanne Banks Suzanne Brockmann and Laurie Paige Book

The Romance Collection

Collection of love stories, very amuzing and romantic....

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A Case for Romance Melanie Schuster Book

A Case for Romance

A love story about a woman who found her love at her job place....

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The Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy Douglas Adams Book

The Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy

Funniest Book Ever Written in 5 parts First read it when I was in my early teens and go back to read it again every few years...

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The Count of Monte Cristo Alexandre Dumas Book

The Count of Monte Cristo

Absolutely Riveting Story about a man who is imprisoned by jealous friends and enemies alike. He meets the learened and religious Abbe in prison who b...

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They call me Nightwalker Ronnie van der Weide Book

They call me Nightwalker

I`m the mother of the author, but besides that, and also not an afficionado of "Fantasy" type books, I realy got gripped by this story. The character...

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The Sign Raymond Khoury Book

The Sign

I have enjoyed all Raymond Khoury's books. He is a good author. It's a pity he has written so few books....

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Carte Blanche Jeffery Deaver Book

Carte Blanche

This is a 007 James Bond novel. The Fleming family asked Jeffery Deaver to write the next Bond story. It is a good story and not over the top in terms...

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Not Without Love Roberta Leigh Book

Not Without Love

Correction: Not Without Love...

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For Want of a nail Robert Sobel Book

For Want of a nail

if the British had won at Seratoga...

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1945 A Novel Robert Comroy Book

1945- A Novel

about what could have insued if the Japanese government had been hijacked by radical extremists in the summer of 1945...

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The Man I Should Have Married Pamela Redmond Satran Book

The Man I Should Have Married

A pleasantly written novel about the main character's life between her strive to be a good mother to her children and to achieve a happy life with the...

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The Shakespeare Code Virginia M Fellows Book

The Shakespeare Code

A surprising discovery about the real author of Shakespeare's plays and unknown history of that time. I enjoyed it....

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Galileos daughter Dava Sobel Book

Galileo´s daughter

Historical novel. Sobel´s talent makes renaissance days alive again... Enjoyed it enormously- it was as if a window had been opened onto the past....

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I agree with you!!I have just started reading it!!Absolutely gripping!!Love it!!...

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1984 Orwell Book


read this when i was young and has stayed with me ever since, i keep buying it and giving it away, mainly to teenagers...

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Blue Smoke Nora Roberts Book

Blue Smoke

I love all Nora Roberts/JD Robb books you don't just get romance it's gripping start to finish. I think I have probably read close to half of her book...

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Symposium Phaedrus Plato Book


Finished my new book rather quickly, too quick, although a brilliant take again, by Plato, one among the most influential philosophers in western hist...

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This is one of my favourite books (see my screen name? this book is the reason for it.The mafia have a code "OMERTA" which means silence and Do...

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