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Welcome to the Books section. Below is a list of Books posted by members. Add your favorite books to your profile- by choosing a book below, or by posting a new one not already on the list. See which books members like, write reviews on books you've read, or read reviews & comments written by other members. Click here to post a book.

The Count of Monte Cristo Alexandre Dumas Book

The Count of Monte Cristo

Absolutely Riveting Story about a man who is imprisoned by jealous friends and enemies alike. He meets the learened and religious Abbe in prison who b...

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They call me Nightwalker Ronnie van der Weide Book

They call me Nightwalker

I`m the mother of the author, but besides that, and also not an afficionado of "Fantasy" type books, I realy got gripped by this story. The character...

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The Sign Raymond Khoury Book

The Sign

I have enjoyed all Raymond Khoury's books. He is a good author. It's a pity he has written so few books....

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Carte Blanche Jeffery Deaver Book

Carte Blanche

This is a 007 James Bond novel. The Fleming family asked Jeffery Deaver to write the next Bond story. It is a good story and not over the top in terms...

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Not Without Love Roberta Leigh Book

Not Without Love

Correction: Not Without Love...

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For Want of a nail Robert Sobel Book

For Want of a nail

if the British had won at Seratoga...

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1945 A Novel Robert Comroy Book

1945- A Novel

about what could have insued if the Japanese government had been hijacked by radical extremists in the summer of 1945...

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The Man I Should Have Married Pamela Redmond Satran Book

The Man I Should Have Married

A pleasantly written novel about the main character's life between her strive to be a good mother to her children and to achieve a happy life with the...

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The Shakespeare Code Virginia M Fellows Book

The Shakespeare Code

A surprising discovery about the real author of Shakespeare's plays and unknown history of that time. I enjoyed it....

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Galileos daughter Dava Sobel Book

Galileo´s daughter

Historical novel. Sobel´s talent makes renaissance days alive again... Enjoyed it enormously- it was as if a window had been opened onto the past....

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I agree with you!!I have just started reading it!!Absolutely gripping!!Love it!!...

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1984 Orwell Book


read this when i was young and has stayed with me ever since, i keep buying it and giving it away, mainly to teenagers...

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Blue Smoke Nora Roberts Book

Blue Smoke

I love all Nora Roberts/JD Robb books you don't just get romance it's gripping start to finish. I think I have probably read close to half of her book...

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Symposium Phaedrus Plato Book


Finished my new book rather quickly, too quick, although a brilliant take again, by Plato, one among the most influential philosophers in western hist...

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This is one of my favourite books (see my screen name? this book is the reason for it.The mafia have a code "OMERTA" which means silence and Do...

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Slackware Essientials Alan Hicks Chris Lumens David Cantrell Logan Johnson Book

Slackware Essientials

for all you linux fan this is a great book to learn from it helped me alot and i have currently read it 1,327 time but unless your a linux geek this w...

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The Grimm Legacy Polly Shulman Book

The Grimm Legacy

Interesting premise, a great read, though I think it's a children's book...

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The Name of the Wind Patrick Rothfuss Book

The Name of the Wind

Great fantasy series...

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Outlander series Diana Gabaldon Book

Outlander (series)

Love the whole series...

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Perfume Patrick Suskind Book


A favourite since my early teens...

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Genghis Khan John Man Book

Genghis Khan

""""Ok...its not entirely accurate to go with the western version of this individual. """"" okok this book may not be ENTIRELY accurate,but say if he...

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In The Shadow Of Man Jane Goodall Book

In The Shadow Of Man

Such an inspiring book by an inspiring women who has worked so hard for our embattled planet...

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plague of doves louise erdrich Book

plague of doves

another outstanding book...

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Fahrenheit 451 Ray Bradbury Book

Fahrenheit 451

Bradbury is awesome in general, but Fahrenheit 451 is one of my favorites!...

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Villette Charlotte Bront Book


sorry... independence....

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Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen Book

Pride and Prejudice

Mary thought so, too :)...

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Sacrament Clive Barker Book


Clearly the author is Bonkers,,,but still this is a really absorbing read,,its a "can,t put the book down"kind of book,,I read some comments on Amazo...

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The Power of Myth Joseph Campbell Book

The Power of Myth

I've loved all of Campbell's work, though I think this is my least favorite. Anyone who enjoyed this one should check out The Hero with a Thousand Fa...

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The Stand Stephen King Book

The Stand

What makes us love a book? I think that sometimes it's the "when" a book finds you that matters most. I must have been about 11 y/o when someone gave...

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A Monstrous Regimen Of Women Laurie R King Book

A Monstrous Regimen Of Women

I recently found this author and I am totally enthralled....

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Introduction to Quality Assurance Avedis Donabedian Book

Introduction to Quality Assurance

A helpful guide for quality assurance...

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Root Cause Analysis Paul Wilson Book

Root Cause Analysis

Starting to understand the process but still have too much to read and learn....

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Jose Rizal Gregorio Zaide Book

Jose Rizal

A look of the life (aspects) of our national hero....

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shadow tag louise erdrich Book

shadow tag


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Martha Quest Doris Lessing Book

Martha Quest

I've read it many times. It's the first in her "Children of Violence" sequence, largely autobiographical. Set in pre-war, North Rhodesia....

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Poetic Pictures A soul exposed Jay Hickey Book

Poetic Pictures - A soul exposed

A Soul Exposed is a compilation of poems that come from the heart and mind of a curious man looking out at the world that surrounds him. Poems of Lov...

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walking with enimies Eric jerome dicky Book

walking with enimies

Read this it may be a wake up call...

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Cheaters Eric jerome dicky Book


You can learn alot from tihs book...

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The coldest winter ever Sister souljua Book

The coldest winter ever

Greaat book...

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The Enigma of Arrival V S Naipaul Book

The Enigma of Arrival

A book to be savoured and read slowly....

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Lost Souls Poppy Z Bright Book

Lost Souls

Super good book if you like Vampire stories...

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alvin maker seriesseventh son book 1 orson scott card Book

alvin maker series;seventh son book 1

in regards to a photo of book being added later-the category originally posted IS FICTION** NOT GAY AND LESBIAN**tried editting my apologies...

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