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The story starts in 1944 when Japanese planes are loaded with bombs containing gas. A U.S. destroyers sees what they are about to do and shoots them...

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the plague albert camus Book

the plague

This is a book I know I will have to read again, There is so much in this book that I missed the first time; there are lessons everywhere....

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Images of the Tees Len Tabner and Ian MacDonald Book

Images of the Tees

A treasured first edition, signed by one of the authors and one of the best and totally unexpected presents I’ve ever received. An insight into the hi...

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Tales frm Da hood Nikki Turner Book

Tales frm Da hood

Nikki Tuner the best author...

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What Happened to Our Democracy Zents Sowunmi Book

What Happened to Our Democracy?

For political development of Africa largest Democracy....

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Cien Maneras De Reir Michael Zents Book

Cien Maneras De Reir

The Spanish version of 100 ways to Laugh...

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Bass Culture The John Entwistle Bass Collection John Entwistle Book

Bass Culture: The John Entwistle Bass Collection

I haven't got 2 copies really... I did go back to HMV in an attempt to obtain a copy for a friend but of course they'd all gone... what a surprise!...

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Rock Roll Gearhead Billy F Gibbons Book

Rock + Roll Gearhead

My kinda book! I bought this after seeing it reviewed in Mojo magazine, the photography and layout is superb…. a really luxurious production and wh...

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Constable Around The Village Nicholas Rhea Book

Constable Around The Village

I can hear your Heartbeat!...

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Sanctus Symon Toyne Book


I always like thriller similarly to those of Dan Brown's. I know it when my editor asked my time to become the translator for Indonesia market. I like...

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The State of Native America Genocide Colonization and Resistance Race and Resistance M Annette Jaimes Book

The State of Native America: Genocide, Colonization, and Resistance (Race and Resistance)

The title of this book speaks for itself. However, if you do not read it, you will miss the whole point of this volume. Being Alaska Native, I was int...

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Swan Song Robert R McCammon Book

Swan Song

I love to find a book that takes on an end of the world scenario. This book does just that (nuclear war) but also maintains many different characters...

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The White Plague Frank Herbert Book

The White Plague

This book has alot of things in it we can relate to: terrorism, (British vs. Ireland's IRA), fear of bioweapons or germ warfare, and the love one man...

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The Handmaids Tale Margaret Atwood Book

The Handmaid's Tale

An interesting take on what effect 'apocalypse' and religon would have on society. Rather scary to think religous views could have such control over e...

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never look away linwood barclay Book

never look away

a great read,,engrossing thriller...

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Midnight Sister Souljah Book


A dramatic story of love and moral/proper manhood. Poignantly told...and real in it's details of the environment . P.O.M.E...

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Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert T Kiyosaki Book

Rich Dad Poor Dad

It will change your paradigm of life and economic progression. I am a business minded individual and this has been a catalyst in my goal accomplishmen...

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Sleeping With Strangers Eric Jerome Dickey Book

Sleeping With Strangers

interesting, and addictive series...

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Ballads of a Bred Souljah Jeffrey Brown Book

Ballads of a Bred Souljah

An open candid view of the different aspects of a young man's life. Thoughts and situations that are universal....

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Greatness Guide Robin Sharma Book

Greatness Guide

Great book for everyday life at home and in office or work place, a lot of inspirations after reading it :)...

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WARNING Dont Go There This is her story Cynthia James Book

(WARNING) Dont Go There...This is her story

Its a compelling story of a Woman who have been through ups and downs having married an incarcerated man. Its inspiring, and uplifting to th...

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The Nights Dawn Trilogy Peter F Hamilton Book

The Night's Dawn Trilogy

I,ll give him a test drive(read),,...

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beyond belief colm ogorman Book

beyond belief

couldn't believe it....

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Catch 22 Joseph Heller Book

Catch 22

The book that explains it all....

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El amor en tiempos de clera Gabriel Garca Mrquez Book

El amor en tiempos de cólera

without a doubt the best book I have read in my life ... (Love in the time of Cholera)...

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Five Little Pigs Agatha Christie Book

Five Little Pigs

thumbs up!...

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Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert T Kiyosaki Book

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad is an outstandingly great book. It is the one book that you must have.You can live off your income, but you can't get wealthy off yo...

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The kite runner Khaled Hosseini Book

The kite runner

Have just finished this book - could not put it down! It is a real eye opener to the way things are in Afghanistan...

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A Kiss is Just a Kiss Glenda Martin Book

A Kiss is Just a Kiss ...

A lighthearted and lyrical look at "The Kiss". This is no 'how-to' manual, rather an A-Z compendium of the Kiss - who does it, when, where, how often...

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Let the Light In Personifying depression to create a toolbox of strategies to cope Glenda Martin Book

Let the Light In - Personifying depression to create a toolbox of strategies to cope

Depression knows no boundaries - and makes no distinction between gender, age, socio-economic status, race or religion, and is rapidly becoming one of...

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THE ORCS is a good book good for over 18 it is fast paced gritty it tells the story of a group of orcs that are give-in a mission great import that go...

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Darkfall Dean Koontz Book


Reference's to actual events....

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Rogue Warrior Richard Marcinko Book

Rogue Warrior

Good series....

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The Opposite of Fate Amy Tan Book

The Opposite of Fate

This is Amy Tan's first non-fiction book. She shares her thoughts on how she escaped expectations and curses of her past and created her own destiny....

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Dear John Nicholas Sparks Book

Dear John

"I fell in love with you when we were together, then deeper in love with you in the years we were apart."...

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The Life of Pi Yann Martel Book

The Life of Pi

craziest adeventure ever.... written in the most realistic way ! I still believe this story is true ;D...

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Elizabeth Gilbert Committed Book

Elizabeth Gilbert

what a ride... relation ship sails up&down...

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Siddharta Herman Hesse Book


journey of the soul...

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By the light of the Moon Dean Koontz Book

By the light of the Moon.

Good story....

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2011 Writers Market Deluxe Edition Robert Lee Brewer Book

2011 Writer's Market Deluxe Edition

I,m sure it makes great bedtime reading,,,...

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