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Sleight of Mind Nyrup Harling Book

Sleight of Mind

This is a pretty near faultless book for anyone interested in suggestion and its use in 'mentalism' (psychological magical effects). It's packed with...

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Along came a spider James Patterson Book

Along came a spider

wicked read....

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act like a lady think like a man Steve Harvey Book

act like a lady think like a man

This book was really a good read. Good to hear from a man's veiw....

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100 years of solitude Gabriel Garcia Marquez Book

100 years of solitude

Very unique and uncomparable with anything else. Liked it unconditionally, regretfully not in original language, but still - great!...

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Outliers The story of success Malcolm Gladwell Book

Outliers: The story of success

I always thought that people who are successful in sports, music or else are just gifted. However, Malcolm Gladwell has another view. There are many t...

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Harry Potter J K Rowling Book

Harry Potter

The whole series of books is very good. The best way to read them is from the first all the way to the seventh. Great development of characters and...

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Steel Inferno I SS Panzer Corps in Normandey Michael Reynolds Book

Steel Inferno : I SS Panzer Corps in Normandey

great book for any World War buff...

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The Stand Stephen King Book

The Stand

I love King..but this is my favourite book of his.. Although I will never forgive him for killing off Larry Underwood. :)...

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the memories of Cleopatra Margaret George Book

the memories of Cleopatra

I love this book. I'm a Caesar fanatic..Colleen McCullough also writes good books on Caesar...

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Historia de los Griegos Indro Montanelli Book

Historia de los Griegos

For those who love greek history, this is an excellent book for understanding their culture. Is Excellent and very simple to read!...

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Alexander Valerio Massimo Manfredi Book


Alexander is one of my favorite historical characters...

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Johnny Got His Gun Dalton Trumbo Book

Johnny Got His Gun

can't find this bloody book anywhere...

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Silent Bob Speaks Kevin Smith Book

Silent Bob Speaks

greasy reese witherspoon lol...

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The Pilo Family Circus Will Elliot Book

The Pilo Family Circus

never hears of this but psycho clowns sign me up......

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Gone With The Wind Margaret Mitchell Book

Gone With The Wind

Like an Old Wine... reading such this romance story awakes my passions. Is there any Scarlett still alive?!...

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Medi Cross 100 Medical Terminology Crossword Puzzles John McLeod Book

Medi-Cross: 100 Medical Terminology Crossword Puzzles

This is a great book of crossword puzzles for those who are students in the health care field but also professionals working in the industry. These pu...

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Whitethorn Courtenay Bryce Book


From Bryce Courtenay comes a new novel about Africa. The time is 1939. White South Africa is a deeply divided nation with many of the Afrikaner people...

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A Certain Slant of Light Laura Whitcomb Book

A Certain Slant of Light

The characters are completely believeable and romantic. It makes you want to save someone, too....

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Mirror Image Sandra Brown Book

Mirror Image

i love this book !!!...

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slaughter house five Kurt vonnegut Book

slaughter house-five

I first stumbled apon this book back in highschool. Immediately fell in love with it. It is an anti-war book based on the Allied firebombing of the Ge...

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The Burning Wire Jeffrey Deaver Book

The Burning Wire

I love everyone of his Lincoln Rhyame books....

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The Winter Rose Jennifer Donnelly Book

The Winter Rose

I didnt think it would be better than the tea rose but it is am eagerly awaiting The Wild rose...

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The Tea Rose Jennifer Donnelly Book

The Tea Rose

Loved it loved it loved it the best book i have read in 8 years...

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The Power of One Bryce Courtenay Book

The Power of One

I have to admit that this is one of the best books I've ever read. I happened to pick it up one day at a bargin store. It was in the middle of a bin f...

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The Secrets of Jin shei Alma Alexander Book

The Secrets of Jin-shei

The story follows a group of young girls, all different in age, as they grow up into adulthood. These girls are all from different social classes and...

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Magician Raymond Feist Book


My next book will be that one 8). I succeeded in buying all of his books (finally). Feist is a first class story teller, who drags you into his world...

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Conversations With God Neale Donald Walsch Book

Conversations With God

This book is not what you might this case - never judge a book by it's title. You need to be open minded to read this as it will challeng...

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The Invitation Oriah Mountain Dreamer Book

The Invitation

I have gained much from this book.. "It doesn't interest me what you do for a living.. I want to know what you acke for...and if you dare to dream o...

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Relentless Dean Koontz Book


i read this book it is a good book and I love Deant Koontz.. but i was dissapointed with the ending.....

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The Book Theif Markus Zusak Book

The Book Theif

Everyone should read this book. It is so cleverly written and unique in its style.My daughter gave me this book and she has read her whole life. If it...

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The Garden of the Prophet Khalil Gibran Book

The Garden of the Prophet

Ive never read this book,Have you read The Sealed Nector?Its about the prophet Muhammads life.Whats this book about?...

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Silver Borne Mercy Thompson Book 5 Patricia Briggs Book

Silver Borne (Mercy Thompson, Book 5)

This book is the newest in the series. The series is a must read. Romance, horror action all rolled into one. Action from start to finish with the pr...

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Enders Game Orson Scott Card Book

Ender's Game

I love this book. It was recommended to me by a coworker. I couldn't put it down....

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Dune Frank Herbert Book


One of the best Sci-fi books and one of my favourites books! I've read them all (yes, even the ones from Brian and Anderson...) Long live the God Emp...

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Secrets of Enlightenment Deepak Chopra Book

Secrets of Enlightenment

By explaining the Catholic religion's Jesus and the 3rd Jesus, Chopra takes you to the true meaning of enlightenment and Jesus’ true message. He says...

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Odd Sock and Rags Kyriacos Demetriou Book

"Odd Sock and Rags"

This is my own book which was published by 'Melrose books'.. I wrote it and did the illustrations myself...It is just a simple little children's b...

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Great Expectations Charles Dickens Book

Great Expectations

My favorite classic. Great story, exceptional writting and compelling characters. What else can one ask for....

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All men are mortal SImone du Beauvoir Book

All men are mortal

this is the captivating story of a beautiful young actress who revives a downcast stranger at a French resort. He becomes thoroughly attached to her a...

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That Hideous Strength C S Lewis Book

That Hideous Strength

The trilogy is an excellent read...

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Perelandra C S Lewis Book


Primo characters...

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Out Of the Silent Planet C S Lewis Book

Out Of the Silent Planet

Great imagination...

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Making faces Kevyn Aucoin Book

Making faces

About this title: Renowned makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin reveals his makeup secrets and techniques for the first time in book form, with full-color instr...

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